Americans buy record numbers of guns for Christmas

Americans bought record numbers of guns last month amid an apparent surge in popularity for weapons as Christmas presents.

December 2011 sales were a record - the previous record was November 2011. I think more than a few people are paying heed to the direction this country is going.

I didn’t get one. :frowning:

My family members bought three or four though.

Cause police numbers are down???

Get em while you can :thumbsup: I love the way they put that. Don’t forget the “extra” ammunition.

Haven’t guns sales been high for the last 4-5 years? It shouldn’t be surprising that Christmas gift giving would feature them. I think it’s a bit macabre to get a lethal weapon on the day Christ was born, but there’s nothing really wrong with it. It probably causes heart attacks for progressives though.

Firearms and ammunition sales took a huge jump in November and December 2008 then slowly fell over next three years. The recent jump (November and December 2011) can not be linked to any specific event and has been fairly unexpected.

The big difference between the sales in 2008 and 2011 has been the fact that firearms seem to be in plentiful supply. In 2008 many models sold out and waits for orders took months. I bought an AR10 in October 2008 on sale for $890 - a month later you literally couldn’t buy one without waiting three or four months and paying less that $1200. Many AR15 models were nearly as bad. Today if its not on the dealer’s shelf he can get it in a week. A few exceptions are the Ruger SR1911 and certain Marlins. Some calibers of ammunition are in somewhat short supply.

Well, everyone in my area (Virginia) has told me gun and ammo sales have been high for years. That goes for people I know out of state. At this point, I rarely trust the stats that the government or corporations put out (often it isn’t a case of corruption or propaganda, but just incompetence).

They have been somewhat high - but not record setting. Until the record sales were set in November 2011 then set again December 2011 the previous record was November 2008.

I had noticed that many rifle models had come down in price in the last 6 months (part of the reason for increased sales?). A year ago even the basic AR15s were still close to $1000, I bought a new Olympic Arms AR15 for $550 in November - best price I’d seen in years. SKS and AK rifles have dropped about 1/3 in price in the same time period - with select dealers. Some have kept their pricing extremely high. It isn’t uncommon to walk the gun shows in Topeka and Tulsa and find a near 50% price swing on “new” WASR rifle and others like it.

Makers like Colt, Barrett, Sig Sauer and the like are still enjoying hefty profits.

Despotism, often defined as a tired democracy. The writtings on the wall. Everyone already knew the police were not showing up in time, they never do.

The numbers should be upcasted as much as possible … especially with preventive detention of American citizens now being the rule of law.

When seconds count the police are minutes away.

Didn’t buy any this year. But yes sales have been up for a few years now.

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