Americans distrustful after hacking epidemic: survey


Washington (AFP) - Nearly two-thirds of Americans have experienced some kind of data theft or fraud, leaving many mistrustful of institutions charged with safeguarding their information, a poll showed Wednesday.

The Pew Research Center survey found 41 percent of Americans have encountered fraudulent charges on their credit cards, and 35 percent had sensitive information like an account number compromised.

Smaller percentages said their email or social media accounts had been compromised or that someone had impersonated them in order to file fraudulent tax returns.

Taken together, the survey found 64 percent said they had some form of personal data stolen or compromised.


Almost 20 years or so ago, I had a credit card stolen out of the mail. The new card then was used to purchase over a thousand dollars worth of sneakers.

I’ve had my email hacked twice. Hackers originated in Korea.


Yes, there are many hackers , but I do think that some people shop on unsafe sites, and are too quick to give out their information. I have a friend who refuses to do Ebay, because her son got ripped off. Well, he gave his card info to someone who emailed him directly. WRONG. If he had used Paypal or some other safe method of purchase, that would not have happened.
I almost exclusively shop online, and to date, have never had an issue.
Just lucky I guess.


I always use a credit card. At least that way fraudulent charges may be disputed and the company will go to bat for you.

I strongly recommend against using a bank account for paypal or another web-based service.


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