Americans Have Lost Friends Over 2016 Presidential Election, Poll Finds

A survey by Monmouth University shows that 7 percent of voters have lost or ended a friendship because of this election. That breaks down to 9 percent of Hillary Clinton supporters who say they’ve had friend break-ups, compared to 6 percent of Donald Trump fans and about 3 percent of other voters.

Monmouth notes that’s not too unusual – 7 percent of voters also say they’ve lost friends during past elections.

According to Monmouth, 70 percent of those surveyed say the campaign has brought out the worst in people.

Many voters also aren’t happy with the harsh language that dominates the current political landscape – 65 percent say it’s unjustified.

The poll:

Maybe now would be the time to bite my tongue, but I know not this “caution” folks speak of. Maybe if the candidates we had were actually worthy of holding the presidential office, we’d be a lot nicer. I intend on voting for neither Clinton Nor Trump, and I am not the only one with this view. (I tend to agree with Bishop Conley and Archbishop Chaput on this one)

The Previous post is exactly how I feel ,and I’m not even American,
You just need to change the system,

I have wondered what people in Europe, Asia, and yes, even Australia think of US election politics this year. I should not be surprised or even offended if you think we are stupid. This election season is so unpredictable that we won’t even know how stupid we are until perhaps the day after the election.

Getting back to the OP and its title “Americans Have Lost Friends…”, it’s true; I can’t vote for Trump because it would damage my marriage! I can’t vote for Clinton because it would lend support to what she euphemistically calls “Women’s Reproductive Rights” and “Marriage Equality.” The other candidates on the ballot are no better. The ballot has a space to write in someone else’s name. Who?

I’m personally voting for the American Solidarity Party’s candidate, Mike Maturen.

The Solidarity party so far is the only party I’ve found whose platform is fully in line with Catholic Social Teaching. They’re relatively new, but hopefully their numbers will start growing.

Might want to check them out.

Your correct in your assumption ,it’s nothing but an embarrassing circus ,.
Where are the REAL Contenders ? Why is it all just like a television reality show ?
I have suggested several times that the Westminster system should be adopted,
It’s where the majority in the House of Reps elect the Leader,
Yes you still get Knucklheads, but Knucklheads get replaced easerly ,

That would require rewriting the Constitution. Not going to happen.



Guess it’s the old sayin’ “Don’t talk about religion or politics”, well, I’m on a Catholic forum, may as well get political too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea, unfortunately both candidates are not good.

I personally don’t understand that view, not voting for either will mean an extra vote for one of the two, from my knowledge, either Clinton or Trump are going to get in, and if Clinton and the Democrats get in, than I think the US is just about done.

I’m not a fan of Trump, but I believe he is surrounded by some good republicans who can guide him, I think he’s the only chance for the US at this stage. If I were a US citizen I would vote for him.

I hope this has helped

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I agree.

True, unfortunately.

God Bless

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My view?

‘How did it come to this?’ pretty much sums it up.

Most of the Australian media is biased for Hillary Clinton, just as they are for Same sex marriage etc, just as they were when it came to Brexit.

I don’t think the US is stupid, not at all, I think the system has become corrupted.

The ballot should be anonymous, but if I were married, I wouldn’t want to hide from my wife who I voted for either.

I think either Trump or Clinton are going to get in at this stage, and voting for neither will mean an extra vote for one of them. I think there are some good people in the Republican party who surround Trump and can guide him, but not on Clinton’s side, I think if she and the democrats get in again, than the US is pretty much done for in my opinion.

So my vote would be for Trump if I were a US citizen, begrudgingly, but resolutely, for Trump.

I hope this has helped

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+Our Bishop has encouraged all in this diocese to embrace from the heart :heart: the understanding that . . . EVERY VOTE COUNTS . . . and the blessed defence :knight1: of the precious lives of multitudes of unborn children is hanging upon OUR taking up the challenge to . . . MAKE OUR VOTE COUNT FOR LIFE.

“But Jesus said to them:
Suffer the little children,
and forbid them not
to come to
for the kingdom of heaven
is for such.”
- Matthew 19:14

Donald Trump and Mike Pence have expressed clearly . . . many times . . . that they are very definitely . . . PROLIFE . . . which is . . . very much . . . a healthy point of view in harmony with people of faith . . .

STOPPING the terrible holocaust and horrific gross evil and mortal sin . . . of the promotion by our government re the . . . murderous slaughter . . . of millions upon millions of innocent living children in the womb through the . . . EVIL OF ABORTION . . . is certainly something each and every Christian and Catholic should have as a first and foremost concern as they approach the ballot box . . .

Obama is one of the most flagrant and incredibly powerful pro-abortionist leaders in the world . . . and Hilary Clinton is an avid openly pro-abortion candidate promising to ardently follow and continue promoting the . . . murderous prochoice/prodeath . . . policies of Obama . . .

Is there really any real choice for any Christians . . . or Catholics . . . or persons of good conscience . . . between the two candidates . . . if one is trying to honor GOD and country . . . ? . . .

Below is a copy of a petition response sent as a part of a very large concerned group of Catholic Christian citizens to our present government politicians this past year . . .

[INDENT][INDENT][INDENT]**"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure Domestic Tranquility, provide for the Common Defense, promote the General Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this CONSTITUTION FOR THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.” ** - Preamble to the Constitution of the United States of America


This country’s peoples have now been tragically forced by a dominating dictatorial minded government administration . . . WITHOUT either respect or concern, and with calculated deliberate disregard for the individual moral and ethical consciences of the MAJORITY of its individual citizens . . . into a complete country-wide forced involvement and investment of horrifying forced support of and for the killing/murdering of millions and millions of innocent babies in the wombs of their mothers . . .which tiny infant’s mother’s wombs should be the safest place in the world for these innocent little ones . . . through the morally deficient and depraved new dreadful Obama administration health care bill and other national and international activities aggressively being pursued by the current Obama administration.

Our country’s government’s active willful chosen involvement in perpetuating this horrific . . . holocaust of death . . . and the trampling underfoot of any conscientious objection and choice of no involvement with same on the moral grounds of freedom of thought, moral conscience and/or religious rights . . . and the REJECTION of the right of choosing no involvement whatsoever in this ghastly murderous business being presumptuously denied through government intervention to the point where both the freedom of the exercise of moral conscience and religious rights are in grave danger of disappearing altogether . . . is a matter of gravest concern re forceful abuse of power through government tyranny and opposition to the very foundational Constitutional rule that is supposed to be being upheld and safeguarded by our government .

Anything you can do at any turn to try to stem the tide of this holocaust of death is so incredibly important and should be first priority . . . for the willful killing of multitudes upon multitudes of our country’s most vulnerable members of its populace most certainly never entered the minds of our founding fathers . . . who founded this nation under GOD and placed on their currency . . .“in GOD we trust” . . .

[RIGHT]. . . all for Jesus+
. . . Precious Blood of Jesus In All Your Ancent Power Prevail+
. . . Blessed Virgin Mary Pray for Us+
. . . St. Michael the Archangel Protect Us in Battle+

In the United States we have the secret ballot.

You can vote for Trump without defending ten year old potty mouth. Words [no worse than a villainess in a James Bond movie] versus continuous abject failures of action by Hillary Clinton. Why throw your vote away? Trump has a history of building things. He employs more than 20,000 people.

Trump’s basics of economics and foreign policy and the Supreme Court are legitimate.

So … back to the Basic issues:

Keep visualizing the Hillary Clinton open, porous border, no more NRA. and much higher taxes.

Trump continuously goes back to the basic issues:

  1. Supreme Court Justices … left wing appointees would permanently tilt the United States to the left.

  2. Southern Border is porous … right now there is no one stopping the flood of undocumented people AND HEROIN entering the United States. Hillary believes in open borders. Her good friend and supporter, George Soros is a firm supporter.

  3. The U. S. tax structure is the worst in the developed world.

  4. Veterans are getting terrible treatment from the Veterans Administration. Trump has a many years record and reputation of actively supporting veterans.

  5. U.S. Foreign Policy is a disaster. [Most recent example: [-]$400/-] $1200+ MILLION in CASH flown to Iran under conditions of secrecy. If it was legitimate, they would do an electronic transfer. And that’s just the latest.]

  6. Radical Islamic Terrorism is uncontested.

  7. Second Amendment. Gun control only controls law abiding citizens. Inner city crime and gang crime and black-on-black crime is/are epidemic. Getting worse and worse.

  8. The economy. Record numbers of people on food stamps. People forced into part-time work owing to restrictions by government controlled medical legislation. Make participation in government controlled medical to be optional: if you can find a better and/or cheaper plan then take it.

  9. Restrictions on religion. Freedom of Worship instead of freedom of religion. Mandatory Islam lessons in schools [as now in places] [Example: Why should the Little Sisters of the Poor be forced to purchase contraception?] [Example: Why should someone who posted dissection of aborted babies be prosecuted? Remember David Daleiden.] … read p37 0f the DNC platform.

  1. Education: The United States ranks around 27th in math. WHY??? Education SHOULD be controlled by states and communities … there should be NO Federal control over education. Page 157 of “Con Job”: 1967: 71% of blacks graduated high school; 2011: only 68% of blacks graduated from high school. Things getting much worse. Only 40% of blacks graduate from college within six years … 2010.

  2. U.S. Military is not being kept up to date. Navy is behind in technology and numbers and readiness. Aircraft are kept going using parts from the boneyard instead of buying new stuff. Troops are not training enough. Focus is on social changes instead of on training.

  3. Continued inner city collapse. In 1965, 24 percent of black infants were born to single mothers. In 2013, 72 percent of black infants were born to single mothers. Source: page 157, “Con Job” by Crystal Wright. “Con Job – How Democrats Gave Us Crime, Sanctuary Cities, Abortion Profiteering, and Racial Division”. Crystal Wright’s Web site is

Chicago is only one example of inner city murder skyrocketing.

I agree, clarity will never come to those who support abortion as they do. I am very worried about Trump, but he is the only chance. So I would be betting ‘all in’ if I were a US citizen, because I would have to be because of what I believe is at stake in this election, and it would be all on Trump.

God Bless You

Thank you for reading

Mediums like Facebook don’t help to be sure. I have had to hold back from posting inflammatory things simply for the sake of “sticking it to people.” It serves no purpose in the long run, though others I am friends with certainly have no issue posting robust attacks on Christians, pro-gay marriage propaganda, or other somesuch nonsense.

Other than family, I have come to the point where I don’t much care if a friend feels distanced because of such diverse political stances, We are talking about such stark, life altering beliefs that I find my own desire to be friends with someone who is so diametrically opposed to my worldview wanes. Why would I care of someone is kind or supportive or good at listening if they work to create such a damaging world for my young children to live in? There are plenty of kind, supportive people who don’t want to destroy the world I want for my family. Hearing a diversity of opinions can be a good thing, but there is no need for me to surround myself with people who believe in things I find so fundamentally flawed or in some cases evil. We simply fight the good fight, and if people leave, so be it.

Regarding spouses and their vote, I don’t see how this isn’t discussed, but I suppose every couple is different. Politics impact every facet of our lives, and to withhold something like that from my spouse would be to avoid talking about almost anything going on in society. I would never have married my wife if she and I were not on the same page politically and religiously - my life would have been miserable, for me personally. Hers would as well - at times, she can barely tolerate my ranting, and she agrees with me! I can’t imagine how she’d feel if she had to endure and disagreed.

Political issues are too important and the situation in the world is to dire when we consider why God put us here, so for me, I can’t treat politics or religion as just another interest lacking the gravity of say, my love for the Ravens and Orioles; too much is at stake.

Regarding how we got here, the people involved have no one to blame but themselves. The Republican voter base was tired of being paid lip-service for over a decade, with little to show for it in the way of fulfilling promises. The Congress’s job is to (for one thing) balance the power of the Presidency, and they haven’t done that at all as they promised, and as such, the voters got fed up with the same candidates and promises. For the Democrats, they simply nominated the next (wo)man up, despite her warts and baggage. The voters selected her as well. At least the Republican votes were split across sixteen candidates for a time, so Trump never had a plurality of support. Clinton was pushed by the media and most of the voter base, so any cries of “how did we get stuck with her” ring a bit hollow. At least with Trump, there is always talk of abandoning him as the candidate, withdrawing support, and voting third party. We see it here - many Republicans on Catholic Answers have said they cannot vote for Trump. I can think of one or two Democrats who have said they can’t vote for Hillary, but by and large, there is no large third party push by the left the way there is with the right. So either they have greater pragmatism and solidarity as a party, or they are more willing to sell out their principles to gain the Presidency.

I really do agree with this. If a person is pro-abortion, wants a president likely to “de-constitutionalize” the Supreme Court, wants to further redistribute middle class income and use open borders to lower working-class wages for the “big boys”, what do we actually have in common? We can certainly be cordial. We can be mannerly toward each other. We can even attend the same social functions. But to truly be friends? I think there is too much separating us.

To prevent Knuckleheads from dominating the U.S. Congress, the Constitution requires that the U.S. Senate be picked by the State Legislatures … to represent the interests of the STATES … as for example, in West Virginia where the state legislature SHOULD have a say … but because of direct election of Senators … the 17th Amendment … now has no say in what is being done to them. Instead the 17th Amendment changed that so that the Senators are picked by local elections. The same process as for the House of Representatives.

We have a “bicameral” legislature … two houses of Congress … and both must vote … to prevent domination by one lobby group. Some states have picked a unicameral legislature. But that allows one “clacque” to control.

The U.S. Constitution requires a diverse selection process. AND the President of the U.S. ONLY controls the Federal bureaucracy. The Congress controls the jurisdiction of the Federal courts.

The whole thing is designed to prevent one power structure from getting every thing.

Read the actual text of the Constitution. It is masterful, and simple. It gives us a Republic.

I am glad you brought the thread back to the OP. :thumbsup:

Agree and hope and pray the smut doesn’t spread over all the earth. Wait! Looking around–I think it already HAS! Praying HARDER!!!

Why do you think I use an alias?

The people have allowed it by their negligence and moral laziness. The system is us.

The ballot should be anonymous, but if I were married, I wouldn’t want to hide from my wife who I voted for either.

It is anonymous (or as we say, secret) but she would soon ask.

I think either Trump or Clinton are going to get in at this stage, and voting for neither will mean an extra vote for one of them. I think there are some good people in the Republican party who surround Trump and can guide him, but not on Clinton’s side, I think if she and the democrats get in again, than the US is pretty much done for in my opinion.

I think refusing to cooperate with either of two tremendous evils is a valid Catholic response.

I will continue to examine, inquire, and pray.

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