Americans Name Terrorism as No. 1 U.S. Problem


After the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, California, Americans are now more likely to name terrorism as the top issue facing the U.S. than to name any other issue – including those that have typically topped the list recently, such as the economy and the government. About one in six Americans, 16%, now identify terrorism as the most important U.S. problem, up from just 3% in early November.


I would put healthcare above guns.


If the U. S. doesn’t move rapidly to salvage a bleeding economy; very little else matters.
We will collapse from within and the terrorism threats will make very little difference. An escalating 20 trillion dollars in debt; misleading unemployment figures (10% being a more accurate number) and US corporations exiting the country in droves; leaves those of us trying to make ends meet during a failing economy having very little hope for raises or things to get better.
My employer cannot afford to offer us healthcare any longer; so we have all been told to go to the exchange in our state. I cannot afford the rates on the exchange either, as the rates are higher than what we paid with our employer last year. Our economy drives so much of our lives that there has to be something done to generate jobs, control spending and get us back on track. I cannot believe that Americans do not realize how bad this is.


but Obama & Hillary both think that guns and global warming are the biggest threat… Go figure


Maybe thats the reason why terrorism seems to be the only thing being discussed in the media right now…maybe our eyes are being ‘diverted’ away from other problems using terrorism?


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