Americans' Outlook for U.S. Morality Remains Bleak

More Americans are recognizing the declining morality in the U.S.

Positive sign?

Poor parenting sited as a major cause.

I guess it would be asking a lot for people to start recognizing the fact that sexual promiscuity is an even bigger cause.

Discussion Welcome

Here are the first couple paragraphs of the article.

Americans are three times more likely to describe the current state of moral values in the United States as “poor” than as “excellent” or “good.” Americans’ assessment of U.S. morality has never been positive, but the current ratings rank among the worst Gallup has measured over the past nine years.

Additionally, Gallup’s annual poll on moral values, conducted May 3-6, finds 76% of Americans saying moral values in the United States are getting worse; while 14% say they are getting better. Last year saw a slight improvement in these attitudes – with 21% saying values were getting better – but opinion has since reverted to near 2006-2008 levels.

You just about have to visit the web link in the first post to make sense of that. My sense is that Americans have long believed morals to be bad and getting worse. But we are only looking at nine years of data.

Welcome to the United States of Gomorrah.

If you wish to buy a politician with your credit card, press 1.

If you wish to have your children indoctrinated to be leftists in public school, press 2.

If you wish to have filth being spewed out from your TV, press 3.

If you wish to have pornography easily available on the internet press 4.

If you wish to have over a million dead babies in abortuaries, press 5.

In the midwest, there is a big controversy over some basketball players hazing and sodomizing some younger kids on a bus on the way home from a game. The coaches were sitting up in the front of the bus, supposedly clueless to all of this.

Yet, who is truly to blame? This filth is spewed all over the air waves as if it was the best thing since sliced bread. The act is being pushed into the public square as just as legitimate as what happens b/w married couples. Our schools are being forced to promote it as the most normal thing in the world, and rejection of it is touted as immoral. Lack of civility and self-control is considered an admirable trait.

And, we’re surprised at the consequences of all this? I think we’ve reached the point of no return.

The four kids who chose to haze and sodomize other students.

This filth is spewed all over the air waves as if it was the best thing since sliced bread. The act is being pushed into the public square as just as legitimate as what happens b/w married couples. Our schools are being forced to promote it as the most normal thing in the world, and rejection of it is touted as immoral. Lack of civility and self-control is considered an admirable trait.

You are attributing the actions of bullies to depictions of sexuality on TV and to sex education in schools?


Yes, I think that is misplacing the blame. Hazing of students, including sexual abuse, by other students is nothing new. However, the coaches on the bus (when one of the incidents took place) should have intervened instead of their “boys will be boys” attitude. I’m glad they were ashamed enough to resign.

Excuse me?

You are living in a dream world, if you believe those boys haven’t been influenced by a toxic culture that glorifies violence and sexual perversion.

Hazing is a tradition **passed down **from gen. to gen. They could have put doggy-doo in his shoes, or, made him eat liver, or something. That would have sufficed.

These teen age boys sodomized a 14-year old boy. On a bus, with several adults present. Several adults.

For their crime they are being charged a misdemeanor. Misdemeanor? They treat traffic violators worse than that. Tgese boys have rich, influential parents, and that’s the bottom line.

A student from the school said he thought the media was hyping it up and everybody should just “move past it”.

No one seems to have an ounce of empathy for what this little boy has gone through. These boys are going to get away with it, though some parents are making a big deal out of the cover up and minimization of the charges.

That is what is so truly disturbing to me.

That these precious basketball players are more important to this community than that little boy who will never be the same.

We are in such deep doo-doo.

You are absolutely correct. Our culture has so numbed peoples morals that they look the other way to issues such as this, abortion, an so many other things the “used” to be immoral…

The amazing thing is that some people will deny the truth of this…

They do not want to give up their “freedom”? “Sin”?

Ceil, I would suggest you aren’t aware of how brutal hazing could be in earlier generations.

Your first example is a prank. And yes, your second example should be sufficient. However, in past decades sexual abuse, and physical abuse to the point of death, have been features of high school hazing. Thankfully, there is less shame in talking about such things today, so the sadistic few who go too far can be prosecuted.

Seems to coincide with the increase in sex and violence on TV and out of Hollywood.

As Dale pointed out, hazing – including violent, sexual acts – has been a problem in schools, and especially on sports teams and fraternities, for a long time.

Personally, if I were inclined to “blame” anything, I’d lay the blame squarely at the door of the macho, tough-guy jock attitude, which I would be willing to bet in some (many?) cases is bound up in repressed homosexual desires, as it seems to be here.

It’s the sports and the frat “culture” that needs to change if you want any hope of ending some of this behavior: start punishing the coaches who tacitly allow this stuff, find these kids guilty no matter how many high-priced lawyers their idiot jock dads retain for them, and enforce stricter rules on the student athletes themselves.

And if there are sexual attitudes that need to be changed, I would look first at the homophobia that is rampant in sports circles. Maybe, just maybe, if these kids weren’t constantly sent the message that it is unmanly and somehow “wrong” to be gay, they wouldn’t have to repress their desires to the point that they feel the need to act out their homosexual fantasies on the bodies of their young masculine teammates. Just a thought.

Poor parenting cited as a major cause?
Well yes, and that includes a parental blind eye to sexual promiscuity,
drug use, totally foul langauge (including music) and general disrespect to others.

Parents do reap what they sow when it comes to the behavior of their children.

Yes, parenting is where it begins. Here’s just another example of how parents are more consumed with the world than their duties to lead their children to heaven:

I think people need to read more history (heck, read the OT). Man’s inhumanity to man is not a new phenomenon. England used to draw and quarter people in public and people showed up to watch in droves. Would we do that today? Would we stand for that today? Less than 200 years ago we had slaves in this country. They were often beaten, raped, etc., and folks just accepted that as the way things were. We slaughtered the Native Americans in the name of Manifest Destiny. And these were official acts. As for personal crimes, read about the old west for some excellent examples of behavior that is literally nauseating. And that’s fairly recent history - keep going back and you’ll find it has always been there.

The thing is that now we (a) have a lot more people so the average of horrible crimes is going to go up with the population, (b) we hear about it almost instantaneously whereas before we often only heard things in our own local. In short, people aren’t any worse (or better, unfortunately) than they’ve ever been. There are just more of us and news travels wider and faster.

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