Americans Speaking Out On Gov’t Shutdown: ‘I Think Obama Is Being Kind Of Crappy’


The regular book study group at the Rev. Tim Ahrens’ church in middle America always ends with a prayer — most deeply personal, often about a family or friend’s illness. But after one recent meeting, the members held hands in a circle and turned to something far different.

“All they wanted to pray about is the government … and that cooler heads will prevail,” says Ahrens, pastor of the First Congregational United Church of Christ in Columbus, Ohio. “It speaks to the fact that this is deep in the hearts of the people. There’s just a huge concern about the tenor of who we are and how we conduct the business of the country.”

With the government shutdown in its second week and a possible default just days away, many Americans view this epic political clash with frustration, anger and a stoic, here-we-go-again acceptance: They don’t like what they see, don’t agree on who’s to blame and aren’t sure what would be the best solution. But they hope that someone — anyone — comes up with a way out of the mess.

“The bottom line is there’s a logjam that’s ideological and idiotic,” says Ahrens. “What’s happening is awful. What we see is an inability for people to work together and communicate. There’s no excuse for that.”

The red-blue divide has become deeper and more ominous in recent weeks as the two parties have bickered their way closer to possible economic disaster. The White House and Democrats have opposed efforts to defund or delay the 3-year-old health care law, and President Barack Obama has vowed not to negotiate over increasing the federal borrowing authority, which would allow the U.S. to continue to pay its bills and avoid a potential government default.******/


Yes, all the work of the Great Divider. :frowning:


I think Americans who are suffering because of this shut down should have a voice in this. There are so many hurt by this. Those who are in our government I bet are still reaping benefits while our country’s poor get poorer. I know I am. We need Prayer and God in the White House. Please pray for our nation. Love y’all, Sheila


Obama’s being more than “kind of” ******! You could contact your Senators and Congressional Representatives either by phone or at their websites.


I’m actually somewhat enjoying this “shutdown.” The government isn’t able to pass any more stupid laws!

Furthermore, all those govt employees that got furloughed are going to get paid anyway as soon as the shutdown ends, so it’s not like they are getting hurt.


What many people forget is that your congressmen are also elected officials and are fighting for the people who sent them to D.C…Many of those people do not want Obama-care. So really the system is working the way it should. Only the bullies on the one side are trying to ram their ideas down the throats of us all.


Hey, why can’t we all give Comrade Barack a break? After all, he is only falling back on his experiences as a Community Activist. :rolleyes:


Tell me again about democracy…

  1. “You have to pass it to know what’s in it”
  2. The President has already broken that law through delays in both overall and specific implementation
    3)When considering the Supreme Court as the Arbiter of Truth™, remember the Dred Scott decision.




Republicans planned the shutdown but it’s still Obama’s fault?


Imagine if the federal unions had done the same over wage disputes. Just sayin.


Why bring up DOMA?


The Supremes did not approve everything in obamacare. That assertion by Democrats is an absoute falsehood. They rejected part of it and accepted part of it. There are lots of other issues in Obamacare that the court will probably take up later. There are other lawsuits wending their way to that court. It takes time to get there. It could still get rejected in major part.


I for one would probably cheer if they did, assuming there was a president like Reagan who would fire a great number of them for not showing up to work.


Are you really saying, and do you really believe the Dems didn’t think this potential through in advance; that it suddenly occurred to them when the Repubs presented the budget to them?

They have more brains than that even though their ideology is archaic and flawed.


For the record, I think we should vote out everybody who is currently in office, that includes the democrats since they are a part of the problem. Can you imagine the message that would send to the next group in office?

But if there is proof that this was planned by some Republicans, blaming Obama seems a bit one dimensional. Yeah they are all partially to blame but Obamacare is here, that fight is lost. I think a large part of this current mess is a small minority of the Republicans who are influencing the more moderate ones.


What does democracy have to do with it?

Article IV, Section 4 “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government…”



Obama and the Democrat party have successfully divided the country in almost every possible way. They sliced and diced America based on race, class, and sex (the so-called “war on women”).

Refusing to human life any sacred or spiritual character, such a doctrine logically makes of marriage and the family a purely artificial and civil institution, the outcome of a specific economic system. There exists no matrimonial bond of a juridico-moral nature that is not subject to the whim of the individual or of the collectivity. Naturally, therefore, the notion of an indissoluble marriage-tie is scouted. Communism is particularly characterized by the rejection of any link that binds woman to the family and the home, and her emancipation is proclaimed as a basic principle. She is withdrawn from the family and the care of her children, to be thrust instead into public life and collective production under the same conditions as man. The care of home and children then devolves upon the collectivity. Finally, the right of education is denied to parents, for it is conceived as the exclusive prerogative of the community, in whose name and by whose mandate alone parents may exercise this right…How is it possible that such a system, long since rejected scientifically and now proved erroneous by experience, how is it, We ask, that such a system could spread so rapidly in all parts of the world? The explanation lies in the fact that too few have been able to grasp the nature of Communism. The majority instead succumb to its deception, skillfully concealed by the most extravagant promises. By pretending to desire only the betterment of the condition of the working classes, by urging the removal of the very real abuses chargeable to the liberalistic economic order, and by demanding a more equitable distribution of this world’s goods (objectives entirely and undoubtedly legitimate), the Communist takes advantage of the present world-wide economic crisis to draw into the sphere of his influence even those sections of the populace which on principle reject all forms of materialism and terrorism. And as every error contains its element of truth, the partial truths to which We have referred are astutely presented according to the needs of time and place, to conceal, when convenient, the repulsive crudity and inhumanity of Communistic principles and tactics. Thus the Communist ideal wins over many of the better minded members of the community. These in turn become the apostles of the movement among the younger intelligentsia who are still too immature to recognize the intrinsic errors of the system. The preachers of Communism are also proficient in exploiting racial antagonisms and political divisions and oppositions. They take advantage of the lack of orientation characteristic of modern agnostic science in order to burrow into the universities, where they bolster up the principles of their doctrine with pseudo-scientific arguments.” - Divini Redemptoris, Encyclical of Pope Pius XI on Atheistic Communism


Personally, I would just as soon see Catholics in the U.S. vote against every pro-abortion candidate in two elections. That would cure the Dem party and keep the Repubs in line.

Saying there’s proof this was planned by Repubs is a little bit like saying the U.S. is planning a war against France. Of course the Repubs would have had a plan, and I’m sure somewhere in the Pentagon there is a plan for the invasion of France.

That’s called planning for contingencies.

If Obamacare turns out to be as bad “on the ground” as I think it will, that “small minority” (though I think it’s bigger than that) will look awfully smart. I think if I was a Repub congressman, I would be a diehard too. Since you can’t get on the exchanges, you can’t know for sure how it all is going to be, exactly. But from what I have seen of “demo” “nationwide” calculators, and a site my state had up based on its best knowledge, it’s very bad indeed.

If I was Obama (half joking here, but only half) I think I would hire a hacker to keep the system glitched until after the 2014 elections.

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