Amid EU Criticism, Hungary Remains Resolute


From Catholic World Report:

The new Fundamental Law is everything a central bureaucracy devoted to secularizing the culture abhors. It recognizes:

*][FONT=“Georgia”]Christianity as the basic religion of the Hungarian people (while ensuring complete freedom of religion);
*]the protection of life from the moment of conception (although the law still allows for abortion);
*]the family based on marriage between a man and a woman (although the law allows for same- sex civil unions);
*]parental duties toward children but also children’s duties toward elderly parents;
*]the responsibility before God of the Members of Parliament who approve the Constitution;
*]the ethnic basis of the nation, with safeguards for the rights of resident minorities, implicitly refuting the utopian concept that defines a nation on the basis of its prevailing political ideology;
*]the prohibition of eugenics.
Hungary’s new constitution begins, “God bless the Hungarians,” which is followed by an acknowledgement of St. Stephen as the founder of the Hungarian, or Magyar, state as “a part of Christian Europe.” The preamble further celebrates “the role of Christianity in preserving nationhood,” with a nod to “the various religious traditions” of the country.


Amazing that such a fundamental law could be passed anywhere in modern Europe!

Good for the Hungarians!

(now if they can get their statutes lined up with their new fundamental law, then we’ll have some good progress!)


Good for Hungary!

At the same time, one wonders a little as to the “ethnic basis” of the nation. Yes, Magyarul is the prevailing language and most of the people consider themselves “Magyars”. Still, they’re probably more German by descent than they are truly Magyar; a central Asian Turkic tribal group in antiquity.

A minor quibble, I realize. At leat they speak “their own” language, which the Irish, for example, don’t.


I’m happy at least ONE country in the EU still maintains their own civillization instead of doing something BECAUSE BRUSSELS SAYS SO. I’m tired of that attitude here in the Netherlands.


There is nothing inherently objectionable to this Hungarian document.
Truth be told, the French are more zealous in their promotion of French ethnicity in France than anything in this document.

The nature of Europe is such that nations are required in order to preserve and allow the diverse people to express their national identities. The size of the continent is such that there will always be ethnic minorities in every country. While the rights of minorities need to therefore be protected in order to maintain peaceful relationships if nothing else, multiculturalism is not a model that is ultimately going to work.

Perhaps what the EU bureaucrats oppose more than anything else is the very idea that a European nation would dare to identify itself as a Christian nation. I get the sense that there exists a visceral contempt for all things Christians in the higher echelons of the EU, and even in the higher echelons of European societies in general.


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