Amid praise, Pope Francis faces criticism from left and right

(CNN)—Pope Francis is no longer the undisputed homecoming king.
As he visits the United States for the first time, the Pope’s approval ratings here, according to Gallup, have taken a tumble, from 76% in 2014 to 59% today.

Pity Pope Francis!

He washes the feet of the poor, talks of forgiveness and stresses care of the planet. He even tries to lead by example, rejecting the Vatican’s more opulent digs and fancy vestments. Yet Francis elicits a confusing mix of emotions. Love. Admiration. Scorn. And fear.

Yes, fear.

There is a reason that particular ‘news’ source is one of the least trusted. It is usually arm in arm with MSNBC at the bottom in trust and viewership.

I wish I could apologize to the Pope for the behavior of some media over here. 1-2 million are expected in Philadelphia. I wish I could attend. I hope he knows that there are millions here who aren’t able to get to the 3 cities he will be visiting.

This is the Vatican’s website ( where I’ll watch for news about his visit to the USA.
Please, God, protect him and watch over him during his travels.

When both sides are up in arms, that is when you know you have done something right.

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