Amid Trump surge, nearly 20,000 Mass. voters quit Democratic party [Boston Herald]


I think that there is a lot switching to get the candidate they want to run against.


Oh, sure.

Massachusetts has one of, if not the most Democratic electorate in the United States; but Democrats there are going to re-register as Republicans to vote for Trump who most likely would win the Massachusetts primary anyway. Trump also already had some big rally a month ago in that state.

So, without these Democratic voters voting for Trump, Rubio or Cruz would win? Oh, sure.

Trump already scored big in New Hampshire and the Maine Governor endorsed Trump, he is doing well in New England.


Again, I don’t agree with that.

If Trump falls short of the required 51% a lot of things could happen, and the anti-Trump majority could band together behind someone more winnable.


Republicans (well, conservatives, actually) not showing up is probably Clinton’s best path victory. If GOP turnout is high, I don’t see how she wins.

That would be an unfortunate decision—especially considering that I haven’t heard much from the “not-Romney” crowd since election day 2012.

I suspect that many of them showed up in 2014 to correct their mistake, but at the end of the day folks need to realize that one senator and one governor can only do so much if they allow the executive and the courts to run all over everyone.


My guess is the latter.


Be careful what one wishes for.

Also, the cross-over that is being hyped up by liberals lately is maybe 2% at the most. I think they may be just trying to get conservatives mad.


It will definitely be interesting.

Let’s be fair. The people that are supporting Trump are American voters who’ve largely been, at best, ignored, or, at worst, actively held in contempt, by both political parties. Trump, for all his faults, is actually addressing these folks concerns. If you’re a blue collar worker, immigration has been killing your job prospects for 2 decades. If you’re a white collar tech worker, both parties desire to increase H1B visas has got to be terrifying. Trump is a reaction to these legitimate concerns.


The Globe said that in their editorial, too.

They said, for the people voting for Trump because he’d be a weak opponent:

That’s playing with fire. Just remember how few pundits believed Trump would ever make it this far.


Another infamous quote by the Democrat chosen one “At this point, what difference does it make”!

Right! Democrats that vote in the primary dpn’t matter - their “super” delegates decide for them!

Right? Maybe the professors on the forum can answer that one!


Yes, strong support for outsider candidates drove half the field, and killed Jeb’s chances. Trump is the recipient, not the cause. Both establishment parties need to wake up and smell the roses.

Warren is smart, she’ll run in the next election cycle, when she can campaign against GOP policies. Running now means she must defend Obama’s record and policies against an irate populace.

The release schedule is weekly drops, decided between a judge and Dept of State. I think DOS strung out the release, hoping it would minimize the harm. Drip drip drip vs a knockout blow by announcing ~1800 classified emails just after Hillary said she was clean.


Obama didn’t go wild with executive orders. In fact, he is one of the presidents who used executive orders least:

The Republicans actually used them more. Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush, and Bush used executive orders more than Obama.

Facts do matter.


I agree with that, but it’d be Rubio, not Kasich.


LOL Democrats and Independents care about the Constitution as much as Republicans do. As for executive orders, the Republicans beat the Democrats on use of them as you can see from the chart I linked to in a previous post. However, I believe it was a Democratic president who used them most, but it wasn’t Obama by far. He’s way down the list.


This is what I’m wondering as well.


Oh, yes, beware of that big Red State of Massachusetts! They will really influence the election.

And why is this not going on in other states?


I agree with you. They aren’t registering as Independents and Republicans to vote for Trump. Massachusetts will probably go to Clinton if she’s the candidate since Bill is revered there, but even if it were some “Trump is the weakest” conspiracy, what difference would it make? It’s not like Massachusetts makes or breaks a candidate.


And republicans do care about the constitution?


I personally know quite a few people who typically vote Democrat who will be voting for Donald Trump today because they see him as the easiest candidate for a Democrat to beat in November.

That’s why there are so many people registering as either Rep. or Ind.


Well, there are worse things to do than want to defeat Trump, that’s for sure. Having Trump in the WH would be scary.


As for Massachusetts, it’s a proportional primary. Even if Trump finishes first, voters in the Republican primary can either help or hurt his number of delegates.

But, as I said in the earlier post, that’s “playing with fire.”

I’d rather vote in the Republican primary and defeat him there.

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