Amish Fiction Craze

Okay, a caveat: I generally read nonfiction and when I read fiction it’s generally “hard” science fiction or fantasy/horror. When I watch tv it’s “Jeopardy!,” westerns, horror, SF, etc…

My name is Surly Mermaid and I’m an Amish fiction addict. In my defense, the cool librarian with the afro who reads zombie fiction and can quote from “Dexter” is hooked as well. :wink:

Apparently dealers… I mean publishers have been pushing… uh, publishing and selling this stuff for a while. As with other trends, I’m a day late and a dollar short. Hubby laughs about my new obsession and I joke along with him:

Me: “Honey! This book is really sad! Hannah Rachel just burnt a pie and now her horse and buggy are broken down by the side of the road! All of this after the barn fire and her Daed getting her shunned by the bishops. Is there no justice for this apron-clad, female Job!??!?!!?”

Hubby, looking over from his anime tv show or his fantasy novel: “Uh… next thing you know she’ll be showing her ankle to some Yoder fellow.”

Me, grinning: “She already has!

Out yourselves, fellow Plain-philes!!! :grouphug:

Sorry. I can’t help you there. Even Little House of the Prairie made me want to hurl as a kid.

Abrams Daughters series. Read it a long time ago and its amazing.

Me too! :slight_smile:

Beverly Lewis paved the way in this genre and she is still the master. Her earlier works (beginning with “The Shunning”, her first book in “The Heritage of Lancaster County” series) were set in earlier time frames (the '40s and '50s) but her later works are set in more modern times.

“Abram’s Daughters” is an excellent series, but my favorite so far is her “Rose Trilogy” and “Seasons of Grace”. “Annie’s People” and “The Courtship of Nellie Fisher” are two other series. I started her latest series “Home to Hickory Hollow” with her first book, “The Fiddler” and am looking forward to the release of the next book in the series (this month, I believe.)

I can’t understand what sparked the craze, but many have jumped on the bandwagon. Wanda E. Brunstetter is another highly successful author in this genre, but Beverly Lewis owns it… everyone else is just an imitator.

Now if you like the Amish flavor, but want something a little less pies and quilting*, *and a little more “CSI: Holmes County”, let me recommend P. L. Gaus’s “Amish-Country Mysteries”, starting with “Blood of the Prodigal” (I think the title is a dead giveaway that we’re going to be dealing with more than someone breaking a life-long courtship here.)

Amish fiction… it’s wonderful-gut!

Cindy Woodsmall is my absolute fave. Love love love her!!!

I just checked out The Shunning.

We’ll just see who actually owns the genre. :wink:

Well, let me rephrase… Beverly Lewis started the craze… and she’s gotten way better since she wrote “The Shunning”.

Cindy Woodsmall is a great writer… better than Wanda Brunstetter, but I think it’s because she tackles subjects that deal with more than work frolics.

Anyway, enjoy!

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