Amish Mafia?

Would someone please explain the “Amish Mafia,” a “reality” TV Show? How do Amish or Monnonite people feel about this show? I’m not Amish and it bothers me that a denomination is depicted in this way. The term “Mafia” indicates crime and a criminal organization. The use of Catholism in the God Father movies bothers me as well. Even the name God Father for a movie that depicts criminal activity, bothers me. Why don’t more people speak out about this? There is nothing “romantic” or appealing about real crime, and religion shouldn’t ever be exploited to this end. Criminal activity for the most part involves a victim and crimes and sins do overlap. I don’t like to see any religion exploited or misrepresented in this way. Catholics and non-Catholis may discuss their difference here but I believe that there exist those decent and good traights and beliefs found in our religions that actually connect us. I don’t like the whole, glorification of crime and of criminals by Hollywood. This seems to be another example of that.

Your thoughts?

I watched one episode and it didn’t set well with me especially since my family has interacted with a local community of Amish for several years. What I will say is that if 6 or 7 young Amish people will go on TV for all the world to see them trying out the “English” life style I wouldn’t put it past there being such a thing but I don’t think that this is a widely established activity in the many types of Amish communities in the US or any other country.


They must really be getting desperate for new material for reality shows to come up with this one. I watched one episode and part of another. It was really dumb.

The plot and acting are pretty cheesy, but I find it entertaining. The part I like best is the periodic explanations of of obscure Amish customs and religious tenets.

[quote=Jimmy B]I don’t like the whole, glorification of crime and of criminals by Hollywood.

Dramatizing and sensationalizing crime have been going on since long before Hollywood.

The show isn’t reality, it’s fiction. There has been a lot of outcry about the fakeness of the show in the Lancaster County, PA area by non-Amish people. The Amish themselves tend not to be litigious, so it’s non-Amish who have been speaking up.

Sort of reminds me of the old order Mennonite Mexican drug cartel:

I think the “hook” is that these are the last people you would think would be involved in organized crime. Not saying I plan on watching the show.

Wow! Unbelievable! :eek:

" Why don’t more people speak out about this? "- because the Mafia originated in Sicily and most of the Mafia thugs are or were at least born Roman Catholic

Amish do not have computers or TV -so no worry that one will answer here

There’s no real comparison. The Mennonites arrested were well known for their activities by law enforcement. In contrast, Lancaster County police themselves say they believe the show to be utterly bogus, with no basis in reality; college professors who are experts on the Amish have pointed out how fake and false the show is; and area churches (non-Amish) have complained that the show encourages religious bigotry.

Agreed!!! :thumbsup:


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