Amnesia and Tinnitus!

Hello Brethrens.

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Please I would like someone to assist me. How do I come out of these: Amnesia and Tinnitus?

Actually, When I read something, I forget easily. if someone tells me his/ her name, I would forget it in the next minute. When I keep any of my property somewhere, I would not remember where I kept it. I would be cracking my brain to remember.

Secondly, I am perceiving through my right ear a buzzing sound, as if there is a generator in my ear. It has been disturbing me for like 2 years now. Please can someone offer any solution or help?

Rev Ben

Hello and welcome to Catholic Answers Forums. The only advice I can offer you is to seek professional medical help. The rules of these forums prohibit us from offering medical advice beyond that. I will pray for your health.

Both tinnitus and memory deficiencies can be either serious (so go to a doctor) or not serious (so don’t worry).

I have heard that people who rely on the computer a lot to look things up can develop what seems to be a type of memory deficit, simply because the memory is not exercised. Look up memory improvement and work with some of the exercises to see if your memory improves–not instead of going to the doctor but alongside, because the tinnitus should be checked out.

Please do not seek or offer medical advice on the forums.

Thank you.

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