Among women OR among all women

In the Hail Mary, which is correct?
Blessed are you among (amongst) women
Blessed are you among (amongst) ALL women

You’ll find variations everywhere. Amongst is correct, as is among.

Amongst is used primarily where people use British English, i.e. Canada, Australia, the UK, Ireland, but nowadays “among” is also used in the same places.

Likewise you’ll hear amongst in the US.

So they’re both correct in my opinion.

The former.

I’ve never heard anyone say All women, but it wouldn’t be incorrect. It’s just more common to say Among women.

Nor have I, it could be a regional thing.

I really don’t understand why some women (and men) get so defensive over the terminology used in the Hail Mary or any other older prayers, or in the Bible. Actually, in the original version it’s, “Blessed art thou amongst woman.” It was never really pluralized in the modern sense, at all. However, in that instance, the term ‘woman’ was understood to include all human females created by God, in the same way that the term ‘man’ often included all men, or even all of mankind (woman and man).

It’s really just old English terminology that was used in the early English translations of the Bible, that’s not always understood by modern English speaking people. They seem to think it’s somehow wrong to use those terms, as if it was a ‘slight’ against women in general. This whole overreaction to the terminology came out of the early days of ‘women’s lib’, when religions were often accused of being male oriented, at the exclusion of women, who they claimed were treated as ‘second class citizens’, and insignificant. It’s not true, and they weren’t. All we have to do is look at the significance of Mary’s roll in the Catholic Church, and Christianity as a whole, to know that women have always had an important place in the Church’s history. God created both, male and female. Each one is just as important as the other, but they each have different rolls in life. That’s how it was always meant to be. Men and women are different for a lot of reasons.

I actually prefer the original version of the Hail Mary, anyway. First of all, because that’s how I learned it. But, also because I think it sounds much more poetic than the newer version. Maybe I’m just old fashioned, or just old. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just my :twocents:. :smiley:

It’s a prayer built out of devotion, not a spell or ritual formula…it doesn’t matter.

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