Amount of things Catholics seem to worry about

Please don’t take this wrong or offensive!!!

I have been a member of CAF for a number of months (with some weeks of respite in between) and it occurred to me just a few minutes ago that there are a lot of things within the Catholic teachings that members have many questions about.

It does seem to me that there are so many words that I don’t understand (yet). I understand that some of the questions have to do with people who deal with “scrupulosity.”

Perhaps this isn’t an issue at all but just my perception of misunderstandings that just need to be cleared up…

I don’t know, maybe some of my fellow non-Catholic members see this?

Of course, you know me, please don’t make this into a conversation about hate - I just want to understand Catholicism and sometimes the only way is to question.

In Christ’s love,


There are a lot of Catholic teachings so I would imagine that their would be more questions regarding them.


Lutheran theologians have similar vocabulary words and lists of things they discuss in mind-numbing detail. You’re just hearing the Catholic version of it because you’re hanging out here.

I think that was what my mind was mulling around with but couldn’t put words to it and, you’re right, Randy, we do have a lot of stuff that would probably boggle my mind if there was a “Lutheran Answers” site…


You took the words right out of my mouth. I was friends with a LCMS Pastor and was mind boggled myself when he talked about Seminex, the Benke “dispute” and problems with praying at the 911 “Ecumenical” service" etc. We engaged in the discussion about the 911 Service where some Pastor was reprimanded for attending albeit he had permission apparently to do so from the “powers that be”. This made the local news in the Paper. LCMS Church split over ecumenical service and caused a rift in the Church he said would take a long time to heal.

He also said, “It’s a world limping in sin” and Satan would do anything to destroy our Churches which I believe are wise words indeed.

Mind boggled I was and I can relate, Rita!~ It seems like :hypno:

Recently the discussion that only LCMS Pastors are required to believe the Pope Office is the AntiChrist and not the lay persons is especially mind boggling now.

…I understand where you are coming from. I felt like Mary in “Lutheran Land” when I met him at a nursing home where we both visited persons there and it was eye opening and an interesting experience.

Peace and Blessings,

My pastor from southern Michigan was at 9/11 for several weeks just after it happened. I can’t imagine him not going to an ecumenical service at all!! I will ask him about that!

But back to the OP - yes, Mary. I suppose that many of the mainline churches do have some mind-boggling things.

It was a unionism/syncretism issue praying with non believers.

I’ve also noticed that more Catholics seem to have scrupulosity issues than people in my faith tradition. I hear it’s a form of OCD but I think it is more prevalent with Catholics because Catholicism has more rules and regulations to follow than in my faith tradition. In fact, I had never even heard the term “scruples” before I came to CAF.

I would imagine scrupulosity is a struggle that takes place when a believer takes the focus off Christ and focuses more on rules and regulations aspect of the faith.

With that said, I don’t know which is worse – being scrupulous or having a “I’ll sin however I want and God will forgive me through His grace” approach that I’ve seen in some evangelical circles. At least those with scruples are trying to do the right thing, although in maybe in a bit of a misguided way. The other person who willingly sins only to ask God to forgive him is trying to see what he can get away with.

Sure, God will forgive us when we sin but we are called to a life of holiness, too, and I think that Catholics understand that better than most, or at least I get a sense that they do.

Scrupulosity is not a Catholic teaching and actually has nothing to do with Catholicism. It’s a psychological condition… Scrupulosity is when someone seems to worry unduly about a lot of things.

Exactly. It’s often associated with OCD.

I pray for all of those in such a situation that they come to know and realize and feel the saving word done on the Cross for us.


:hmmm: Yes, that’s correct. The protestant mindset inclines more toward the belief that once you accept Christ, you are saved. For us Catholics, our eternal end depends on the state of our soul at death, hence the emphasis we place on the daily usage of the sacraments, such as confession.

All the silly worries that you are talking about seem to be on this Forum…My Catholic friends never worry about the things expressed here!


I’d second that.

I have spent a lot of time pondering this. Only pastors and congregations are actually members of a synod - lay people are members of the congregations. So the synod functions in an advisory capacity, pretty much with little authority to actually rein in a pastor who runs off the reservation. Can this system be fixed - well, the synod convention representatives (comprised of both pastors and laymen) would have to VOTE on a change. That works about as well in St. Louis as it does in DC. The partisanship is dismaying.

“I agree with Daystar!” “Well I agree with the ACELC!” - sounds like “I follow Apollos!” and “I follow Paul!” instead of, “I follow Christ.”

I was discussing this with our deacon last night, and said that this cannot possibly be what Christ intended for His church.

OSAS is not a universal belief within Protestantism. Lordship salvation and osas fundamentalist is basically who it is narrowed do to. My faith tradition believes that your salvation is secure as long as you remain faithful to Christ, The Word and repent of such sins one may commit.

My Dad told me once that if you studied the Catholic Teaching it would take you your whole life and you still would not have learned it all.

There are SO many teachings of Christ. And what makes them harder is human mind can read the bible, but not translate it correctly. You must go to the Church to interpret what the true meaning is.

That is why many here, ask others of the Faith, because they have done this, and learned the true meaning. We help eachother.

And sometimes you can have the teaching from a Priest, but still not get it, but some one here can help you understand it easier.

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