Amplified Bible


Joyce Meyer uses this type of Bible during her conferences that are shown on TV. The amplification seems to make the Sxriptures easier to understand but WHO is writing the additions and for those who use an amplified Bible, how do you even know that the additions are inspired?


I'm actually not familiar with this version, but the Publisher/Distributor has some information on their website that you may find useful:


I don't see it as any different from using a thesaurus, except that they've done all the looking up for me. It's especially helpful when I'm using Bible Gateway to find a verse and I can remember only a few words. So I choose the Amplified Bible, along with a few others. Generally it will come up with the right verse.

I find the Amplified Bible much less troubling than Joyce Meyers. :eek:


I absolutely love; although, sometimes I get a little distracted from my reading and start using all of the many “translations” available as amusement. :shrug:

I sometimes also use:


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