Amputation of limb due to infection

I am needing an amputation due to an infection in the bone of my lower leg that has been broken and had 6 failed surgeries already and now the infection has set in the bone where the break is at on my tibia and in the fibia. It can become life-threatening if the infection is not removed I have also taken antibiotics with no luck either.
I am asking because I recall my Mom bringing up the topic of being buried with the body not being completely intact sometime before she passed away. Can anyone share their knowledge on this topic please help me find some peace?

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My thought and prayers go out to you for this serious medical situation you are going through. Please keep us posted on how things are with you.


Surely this isn’t a thing?! What about my hair (goodness knows how many yards of it I’ve lost in my life?!) and fingernails and such? What about the placenta every time I give birth? I’m sure that yucky thing just gets tossed into medical waste once it’s not useful to the baby anymore. Good riddance! I also lost the tip of my toe as a baby. Goodness knows what happened to it exactly. What a collection of gross junk I’d have if I needed to be buried with it all… Rest easy. I can’t imagine God expecting us to hold onto these things until our death! I hope your amputation is a smooth procedure and eliminates the infection entirely!! When God needs your leg again on the Last Day, He’ll find it!

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If you have not had the operation yet, I would go and ask a priest to be anointed. The anointing of the sick is not only for the moment of death. I knew a man who due to diabetes was going to have a part of his leg amputated, he asked for a priest and father anointed him…he was healed and no amputation.


Be at peace.

How many of the early martyred saints were torn to bits, either by Roman torturers or wild beasts in the arena. You think plenty of them weren’t buried minus a leg or arm or whatnot?

Then there is the practice of relics - hearts, heads and other pieces of the bodies of holy men and women permanently separated from the rest of the corpus and reserved for veneration.

And yet these made it to heaven nonetheless.


LilyM is totally correct be at peace my friend.

I pray for people who have amputated limbs almost every day.

Spiritually you sound to me in a very solid place which will hold you in good stead when the time comes.

Take care.


Don’t know what your mom was talking about. The Church doesn’t prohibit surgery or amputation. The Church doesn’t require you to bury an amputated body part.

Honestly this sounds like superstitious mumbo-jumbo.

Please listen to your doctor and you should talk to your priest if you are troubled.


Prayers for a good outcome!
O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.


I’m not sure exactly what the religious issue you have here is, however, I do know that I’ve had to get patients to sign a form where they get to determine whether they want their amputated limb buried or cremated. It’s a requirement where I’m from for amputations. I don’t know if that information is helpful to you here. I’m very sorry you’re going through this. I know it isn’t easy. Prayers for you.

CCC 2297:

Except when performed for strictly therapeutic medical reasons, directly intended amputations, mutilations, and sterilizations performed on innocent persons are against the moral law.

I don’t know the specifics on the amputated limbs. One Archdiocese has the following guidelines:

Amputated limbs should be buried in a blessed place, if possible. However, hospital personnel may dispose of portions of bodies in a manner they deem most suitable. Hygienic cremation is not excluded, but the preference of the individual or the family should be considered.

This is also in line with the only known statement by the Holy See from 1948 (notice that canon law was updated with regards to cremation).

I’d ask the hospital to see what options are available to you. If you This is a difficult moment and it shouldn’t be made even more difficult by this issue.

Be assured of my prayers and be blessed for taking the Lord’s law at heart.

An amputation for legitimate medical reasons is absolutely allowed.

I hope your operation goes well. That’s gotta be hard.

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Think: if God is capable of resurrecting people who died over 4000 years ago, and fully restoring their bodies, your missing leg isn’t much by comparison.

This is a practice in Judaism, I believe, or at least in some branches of Judaism. @meltzerboy2 will know the details, but I’ve heard of people whose amputated limbs are stored until their death so that they can be placed in their coffin and buried with them. But this is the first time I’ve heard of it in a Christian connection.

Yes, I’ve heard of this too in Judaism, because the integrity of the body is so important. BUT amputation of a limb for health reasons is NOT forbidden in any stream of Judaism AFAIK, because the life, health, and well-being of the person, who is both body and soul, supersedes any law regarding the integrity of the body.

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You have been through a great deal, with the initial severe break, 6 subsequent surgeries, and now facing another radical surgery.
Thank you for seeking answers which hopefully will give you much needed peace. Welcome to CAF.

You are very brave. I hope you have loving support.
In any case, I’ll be one of those praying for you.
Please keep in touch.
Warm wishes and prayers


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