Amputees—Again and Again

Besides Jesus restoring the ear, if God answers prayers and performs miracles, why are there
no amputees with restored limbs?

The Miracle of Calanda is one of the best documented modern miracles.

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Some people dispute this miracle, saying it was too long ago to be currently verified or that there wasn’t a thorough investigation.

There are reports in India of Hindu gurus performing this miracle.

Do you have any links to this?

1637? Nothing more recent than that?

No, but there is a report about Buddha healing a man whose feet were cut off.

Maybe the question should be why did Jesus reattach the soldier’s ear? He wanted to assure his arrest did not result in violence, He was lead willingly like a lamb to the slaughter. Plus, the disciples could not be arrested for injuring a soldier.

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Some people dispute the Apollo moon landing.


And there are reports that Elvis was spotted in a local store.


Yes. That is what atheists will say when you mention reports of a miracle.

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This is why the Argument from Miracles “The argument is not a proof, but a very powerful clue or sign.”

One might consider the last words of the Gospel of John. “And Jesus performed many more things that if they were all listed, I don’t think all the books in the world could contain them.” (Not verbatim) Did the writers think that possibly the gospel they wrote would either lose interest or credibility if they listed everything Jesus did. For me, you don’t have to go any further than the miracles of the widow’s son at Nain, Jairus’ daughter, and Lazarus to prove he was something way beyond a mere mortal man.


The body naturally heals itself. Why wouldn’t people just say, “Oh its something science has yet to explain, but given the natural ability to heal yourself of small things why not of big things” yadda yadda, same old schtick.
And then when you provide an example, people will just say x doesn’t fit their own criteria despite it being extensively looked into at the time and there still existing various documents recording it. Ah well.

You know what maybe would be a real showing of power? If you could PUBLICLY kill, and I mean really kill, someone, like torture them until nearly dead and then execute them, stab their heart to be extra sure. And then, having that person come back to life. That would be a spectacular miracle.


We have to first ask what is a miracle, and what is the purpose of a miracle?

I can pray and pray for God to transform this Laptop into a kitten. If God is omnipotent and can perform miracles, than surely He could do so.

But just because He can do miracles does not mean He will do every sort of miracle. Again, we have to ask, what is a miracle, and what is the purpose of a miracle?

These are very rare–similar to bilocation and raising the dead–and have only been worked by the greatest of saints.

St. John Chrysostom’s,hand was lost. Through his prayer and the intercession of the blessed virgin it is restored. That miraculous hand over 1700 years later is to this day incorruptible while the rest of his body was not (his tongue may be too, I forget). See here:

St John of Damascus had his hand amputated by the Caliph of Damascus on the evidence of a forged letter attributed to St John offering to betray the city to it’s enemies. The hand grew back and the Caliph accepted St John’s innocense on the basis of the miraculous regrowth.

A woman named Salome had also lost both her hands as a punishment for some crime. When she repented, they were restored to her by the intercession of the Blessed Virgin.

St. Peter also restored lost hands when a man trying to tip over Mary’s funeral bier had them cut off. Of course, Our Lord restored the lost ear of the soldier.

St. Anthony of Padua was well known for working great miracles, including restoring lost limbs–he is the patron of amputees for this reason.


I am an amputee- when serving in the Marine Corps in Afghanistan I lost my left leg high above the knee after stepping on a pressure plate I.E.D bomb. I have never even thought of nor heard of a healing miracle involving regenerating/ restoring an amputated limb! I have no doubt that God could do that- but still interesting to think about.

Personally, I’m happy to carry this cross. There is a lot of good that came from my pains and sufferings, including my conversion to the Catholic Church.


I’m a person with dwarfism. There have been no accounts of the miraculous healing of anyone with dwarfism (and Zaccheus springs to mind, Christ forgave his sins and left him short :slight_smile: )

Same here about the cross and the redemptive value of suffering.


And I’m gay/have SSA.

Without our crosses and uniqueness, we’d all be the same! God wants to bless the world through us and our many gifts and unique ways.


Thank you!

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