Did Jesus restore limbs to anybody? Lepers? Anyone other than the restored ear?

How about other times? Is the miracles of Calanda true? St. Anthony of Padaua (sp)?

What about the Azusa Street Revival?

He “cleansed” lepers. There is no record of how advanced their disease was. Even so, it would be possible that they were healed of their leprosy but not its previous effects.

How about other times? Is the miracles of Calanda true?

The what?

St. Anthony of Padaua (sp)?

I was once a member of a Parish named after St. Anthony of Padua (sp!). I don’t recall that he was associated with anything like restored amputated limbs. There was something about someone (a boy?) with a broken limb, I think.

What about the Azusa Street Revival?

What about it? This was a Methodist (holiness) event that marked the beginning of the protestant charismatic movement. There is much deception within that movement. Are you saying they now claim that amputees were somehow healed? I have studied this movement in detail, and I have never heard this. I would be interested in any particulars. I have a feeling it is a myth of rather recent invention, and I will find no record of it in my texts.

The miracle of Colanda. I can’t c& p on my kindle but Google it. Ditto about the street revival.

OK, I did that. Google promptly directed me to a Wikipedia article.

It’s interesting, but far from conclusive. It is not something that has been recognized as worthy of veneration by Rome.

Ditto about the street revival.

OK, I’m gonna have to ask you to help me out here. I learned about the protestant charismatic movement from a book (remember books?), the Dictionary of Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements. It doesn’t even mention healing, much less amputees.

Neither does Wikipedia.

A Google search returned many results. The signal to noise ratio was low (that means there was a lot of noise - irrelevant results). I could not find anything in the first twenty or so hits that claimed any sort of healing.

Do you have a name of a healed amputee at Azuza street that I could check out?

I remember hearing the story of St. Denis, and how after he was beheaded he picked up his head and ran off with it.

Ewwwwww :frowning:

I think they must have been. Otherwise it wouldn’t be obvious they were healed if they were still walking around missing a nose or something and they would still be ostracized.

The Bible doesn’t say that Christ restored the man’s ear, it says that He healed him. He healed the wound but may not have actually replaced the ear.

The man with the withered hand comes
to mind, that Jesus healed and it became
normal just like his other hand. Luke 6:6ff

I do NOT believe in that one. Why would God perform a miracle involving someone who remained dead?

In any case, cephalophoric saints (beheaded but carrying their heads) are common in the folklore.

The Calanda miracle IMS, involved, about 300 years ago, the restoration of a lost leg. It has not been promoted by the Holy Church.

OP: You brought this up in a thread some years back, but there is no new information on the topic?

And it seems that as least some of the time, loss of limbs or extremities due to leprosy may be an urban legend.


I haven’t found any new information on the topic.

IN reality, God restoring a missing limb should be no big deal, after all, God can do ANYTHING he chooses, Jesus brought some people back to life from the dead…restoring a missing limb or two is nothing compared to that! it would be pretty odd if he never did such a thing, Im sure many amputees have prayed for this over the years…yet there is NO reports known…?? I tend to think it probably has happened, but just not widely known about.

There is a story here from the early iron age about a warrior who challenged the hero warrior. The hero persuaded him that they should take turns swinging their swords at each other while the other stood still, naturally he took his head off with one blow. I don’t think that fella was using it anyway.

The miracle of Calanda.

What’s a “withered” hand? I mean his hand is still there…

Deformed, abnormally immature.

Atrophied, so that the limb appears like a withered leaf from a tree.

This sometimes happens to human limbs when the nerves that energize them have died or been severed.


Ok that doesn’t explain amputees or other ailments for that matter, like babies born with Trisomy 18 or Down Syndrome, for example.

Anyone want to tackle this?

There’s nothing to tackle, FLX. There is no recognized case of human limb regeneration, no artificial limbs left at Lourdes or Fatima, and never have been.

Your question will in all likelihood be answered only in the next life.

God Bless and ICXC NIKA.

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