I posted about this several times but wanted to know if there are fresh insights.

Why doesn’t/can’t God cure amputees?

Is it because of the fall of Adam and Eve?

Though not a limb or part thereof, Jesus did heal Malchus’ right ear after Peter cut it off. I don’t think healing an amputated limb or part thereof would in principle be any more difficult for God than healing an ear that had been cut off.

As to why God rarely, if ever, heals amputees, the answer is probably that, with the big picture in view, God generally does not think such miracles are in our best interest.

Anyone else?

Some people always want God to “prove to them” His goodness.

Whether or not any of us can fathom why, there is a reason why some people have suffered various things. Some things were through no fault of the person, as in, the case of a war injury. In that case, the bigger question would be “why didn’t God stop the person who threw that hand grenade from throwing it?”

At the end of the day, these questions are never answered to the satisfaction of many.
Life is beautiful, and often, not what people like to call “fair”. But God is always there loving us, no matter our station in life. And He is there waiting for us at the end of our lives.
How we deal with problems, conditions, and situations is what we need to concern ourselves with.
Faithfulness. Trust. Love. These are the things that matter. None of us are ever going to fully comprehend God or His ways. We’re just not. Got is eternal, and pure love.
The human mind , through the teachings of the Church comes close to knowing Him, but we won’t fully/completely know anything, until we are reunited with Him.


There’s no new information, FLX, dear.

An instance of human limb regeneration, if confirmed, would instantly be world news.

So without new information, what can be gained by re-asking?


Nicely stated.

Here it tells a story of St. Padre Pio’s prayer restoring vision to an eye which was smashed by the explosion. Allegedly, St. Pio said to the healed worker: “You have no idea what this cost me.”

Everything is possible with God. Even curing the amputees. I am sure, there are more stories about their miraculous curing here and there.

However, miraculous healing is only a “temporal grace”. All the saints will enjoy full health when they attain beatific vision. Getting it in this mortal life is only an “advance payment”, a pretaste of the future glory.

The skeptics demand to see a miracle of restoring lost limbs, so that they may believe. But this is not what God want. He showed visible signs publicly at His Fist Coming. If the skeptics do not believe them, they won’t believe if someone rises from the dead (Luke 16:31). :dts:

Ah… “confirmed”… Trickier than you might think.

If someone can do this:

then surely, a committed person could fake a limb regrowth.

But maybe if it was spontaneous enough? Or could be controlled on-demand?

Why doesn’t God write big letters in the sky telling us that He’s always there and also what to do in all of our daily life? Why doesn’t he have our guardian angels do our math homework for us? Why don’t all the saints come with me to the grocery store to make sure I don’t see any sensual magazine covers in the check out line?

Faith is something apart from mere belief. It always comes from God.

Also, again:

God does cure amputees. This is one example among many.

And like JurisPrudens said - there is that Gospel passage about Moses and the Prophets… You just might hear it tomorrow morning!

I thought we suffer from things that aren’t cured ( amputees, Downs Syndrome, baldness, etc.) because of the Fall of Adam and Eve. No?

Looking for new people to join in the discussion, hoping they have new ideas.

Baldness hardly belongs on that list :):):slight_smile:

“God made a few perfect heads, the rest he covered with hair.”


Ok, ya got me there. :smiley:

Can you give me just one more credible example like this one above?

Well if you’re going to ask again, I guess I’ll reply again.

My left hand was mangled in an accident in 2010. All that’s left of my index finger is a short stub, amputated about halfway between my hand and the first knuckle of the finger. My other three fingers were affected as well, but it’s my missing index finger that people seem to notice first.

Anyway, why hasn’t God regrown a new and beautiful new finger? I mean, He could easily do that at any moment. Of course, I could also ask why He didn’t protect me in the first place and not allow my hand to be injured. After all, I am a musician, and I was using my gift to play at masses at my parish.

To be honest, these are important questions – Why doesn’t God heal? Why does God allow suffering, even among His own children? – and entire books have been written on the subjects. But as you are proving by asking again, some people will never be satisfied with the answer.

Personally, by God’s grace, I never asked God either of those questions. I just accepted it and moved on. :shrug:

But I have considered over the years the impact it would have on my community if God did suddenly restore my hand. There would be no way to “fake” a cure of my hand through any kind of surgery, and there are certainly doctor’s and surgeon’s records to verify the damage done to all four fingers.

So if God presented a miracle of this sort to the hundreds and hundreds of people in my immediate circle, each and every one of them would be required to make a choice regarding the sign with which God had presented them.

Think about it. Every student of mine, every colleague, every neighbor, every parent of my students – regardless of their faith – would have an undeniable sign of God’s power. What if they then rejected God in spite of that sign? What if they were not yet ready to turn away from sin and follow Christ? “The one to whom more is given, more is required.”

And good heavens, what about my kindgergartners and first graders who don’t know that fingers cannot grow back? Would they see this miracle and think, “I’m going to go smash my little brother’s fingers in the door and watch them grow back”?

Seriously, my mangled hand has been used by God as a much more subtle witness to the miracle of His grace. I carry on playing the organ at mass. I relearned to play to the guitar left-handed. I do not shy away from using my hand to point to things on the board, or to play instruments like the recorder with my students.

My students see self-confidence, hope, courage, whatever you want to call it, in spite of my injuries. And the students I’ve taught who also have issues with their hands are encouraged to know that I understand on a personal level, and to see that having a disability of this sort does not prevent them from using their hands to make music, or art, or furniture, or whatever they dream of.

I hate the injury done to my hand. I hate the lost beauty of what my hand once was. I hate the discomfort and downright pain I’m sometimes in. And I despise the accident that caused all this.

But I thank God for the tremendous good that has come out of this, both for those who know me, and within my own soul.

Take all that for what it’s worth to you. It doesn’t answer your question, but I don’t feel capable of giving you a proper theological “answer.” The best I can do is sing the mercies of the Lord by sharing my own experiences.

Thank You for Your witness. :thumbsup:

Beautifully stated, friend.
And so much more illustrative of God’s mercy and love than “Adam and Eve made me do it.”

SIN came to the world through Adam and Eve. Not deformity or misfortune.
The question was about healing, not why people have accidents or birth defect.
In this dear friend’s case. GOD HEALED. Abundantly.

This seems to be a regurgitated atheist argument that has been put forth to question the existence of a loving God. Yet, for those who have received the grace of faith, it has been revealed that we each have our crosses to bear. Injury or disease is but one type of cross assigned to each of us. We know that God chastises those whom He loves. We also know that we are tested with infirmity because we have been found to be acceptable to Him (books of Job and Tobit). The following is intended to be boastful only of our loving and merciful God and His graces:

In 2008, I was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. It has relapsed twice since primary therapy, the last time mutating into two slightly different varieties. I have undergone eight different chemotherapy regimens involving 17 different drugs - four of them more than once. About 30 biopsies of various types. Except for a six month break, I have been in constant treatment for eight years. I have had about 100 tumors total in my lymphatic system as well as in my small intestine and bone marrow. I have been at stage IV at least twice. This culminated in high dose chemotherapy (10X) and total body irradiation in preparation for a stem cell transplant. The transplant process essentially kills you so that a new, transplanted immune system might save you. I now deal with transplant rejection issues.

No one sets out to be a hero - rather only to survive. However, through all of this, I have received the grace of praising God’s name. I have come to know the redemptive power of suffering. Cancer, and now transplant issues are my cross to bear. People with whom I speak are sometimes shocked to hear that, if taken back to 2008 and given the choice, I would choose to bear the cancer again.

Why? God’s graces have flowed abundantly via the Sacraments. I have lost count of how many times I have received the Sacrament of Anointing. Is it efficacious? You decide. When we are most heavily burdened, we are tested, but we are then also the most loved by God. Cancer strengthened my marriage and provided us with an entirely new outlook on life, the nature of God, and His infinite mercy. The cancer has been a blessing.

I know that more suffering is in my future and I embrace it. I have much more purification to endure, but that is evidence of God’s love, not of abandonment. The promise of the Beatific Vision is worth infinitely more than any price we are asked to pay in this life.

Praised be the Lord God of Israel!

Amen! Amen!

During the time immediately following my accident, I learned first-hand the power of prayer. I will be keeping you and your family in my prayers! :signofcross:

God bless you abundantly!


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