Amsterdam to close many brothels, marijuana cafes

In the, “Thank God for small favours,” department…

"AMSTERDAM, Netherlands – Amsterdam unveiled plans Saturday to close brothels, sex shops and marijuana cafes in its ancient city center as part of a major effort to drive organized crime out of the tourist haven.

The city is targeting businesses that “generate criminality,” including gambling parlors, and the so-called “coffee shops” where marijuana is sold openly. Also targeted are peep shows, massage parlors and souvenir shops used by drug dealers for money-laundering."] Full Article

this really shocked me when i read it. good news i think. hopefully, a step in the right direction.

So, wait, you mean legalizing this stuff or adopting a “tolerance” policy toward it doesn’t actually make your city a nicer place to live? Who would have seen that coming? :rolleyes:

The closing down of marijuana cafes is kind of lame; won’t criminality increase if it’s not sold in these cafes? More drug dealers, etc, etc.

“lame”? They want to fight the criminal element, especially money laundering and trafficking in human beings. Those are good things.


THey are not making it illegal, they are just closing many of them down so they can have more control over what is active. Cause guess what?@!?! Even when it’s legal prostitution and drugs STILL attract and create CRIME!

Would love all those people who want legal prostitution here in the states to see this. The drug legalizers too. It’s such an invalid argument to say that legalizing it makes the problems associated with it go away…

Sorry venting to the wrong audience – should be directed at those that want to legalize here.

Carry on.

Not perfect, but it’s a start.

It’s such an invalid argument to say that legalizing it makes the problems associated with it go away

Reduced marijuana use isn’t an appropriate goal. We currently spend something like $35, 40 billion dollars a year on the arrest, prosecution, and incarceration of people on drug related charges. Those are sources for other uses if we were to legalize drugs. We also are not collecting tax revenues (the taxes that would presumably be levied on legal drugs) and so that means taxes on other things have to be higher for any given level of government expenditure.

For starters, it makes that problem go away.

The United States should arrest and incarcerate everyone involved in the drug trade. There should be zero concern about tax dollars when health care costs are factored in for those who OD or fry their brains. Illegal drugs should be illegal forever.

The social cost from people wasting their lives on dope should also be factored in.


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