Amy Coney Barrett for Supreme Court Justice

This just in…

Oh happy day!

Seven children. She is one of my “heroines” I was talking about on these forums the other day.

Perhaps we all need to put bumper stickers on our cars — “The DOGMA lives loudly within me!”.

If I had to, I would walk the 15 miles into town, to cast my absentee vote for Trump.


There is nothing wrong with Catholics using their faith to guide their decisions in life. To think otherwise, as the now removed post offered, is ridiculous.

Yeah, maybe you are on the wrong site then.


What nonsense!

Fortunately that ridiculous post got deleted while I was in the process of typing out that we currently have 5 Catholic Justices on the Court along with a 6th one who was raised Catholic and is now Episcopal, not to mention great past Catholic Justices like Antonin Scalia, and none of them have been “forcing” anything on the American public, but y’know when it’s Amy Barrett it’s all of a sudden a problem…not.


Wonderful choice and a great replacement for RBG who may rest in peace.


Please be more specific.

Aside from the belief that human life, worthy of protection, exists at some point prior to birth — a belief that is shared by many people of all faiths and none — what other “Catholic beliefs” is she going to “force”? Human dignity? The equality of all people regardless of race or color? Other beliefs and values that, incidentally, Justice Ginsburg shared?


Not to mention the right of women to practice law and sit on the nation’s highest court? Amy Barrett will certainly carry that torch as well.


Very good point.

One could well note that Judge Barrett is treading the path that Justice Ginsburg blazed!

By the way, you’re a lawyer, aren’t you? I considered it, but ended up going the MBA route instead. I’ve often wondered if I chose the wrong path.


I would get one.


Yeah, I’m a lawyer, among various other things.

I have already designed one. It’s kind of a hobby of mine. I do one-off stickers for my own amusement as well as that of my son.

It is so oblique that people in my part of the country wouldn’t get it. Not dumb, just not part of their cultural experience. “By their bumper stickers you shall know them…”


I can get behind this pick.


I kind of feel that the Dems will let this go. There isn’t really much they can do and they know it. The current chest puffing is just standard politics.
Something like Kavanaugh they won’t dare to pull off because of the election. But yes in a regular year they would not for a second think about whether they should not try every dirty trick in the book even if it came at the price of destroying a successful mother of seven.

Ohhh you give the Dems far too much credit. Sorry to say😳


Everyone knows where I stand regarding Trump, however he is the President. He gets to fill the vacancy. This in my opinion is a fantastic choice to fill the seat.


Yes I am a firm believer that we are all Americans and that we should get along as Americans. I strongly recognize that there is an objectively observable assymetry when it comes to not getting along with the ‘other side’. I recognize many liberals unfriending people they disagree with politically. But I have to remain an optimist that things will get better.

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I don’t think so.

This is all about abortion. The Dems will do everything possible to get her to withdraw.

Nothing hurts their pro-abortion narrative more than a successful, pro-life woman with 5 biological children plus 2 adopted children.


I agree that things will EVENTUALLY get better. But it might be a long time from now.

Unfortunately, the socialists & marxists in the US (plus other parts of the West) are making their move. In the US, they feel they can take the Democratic Party away from the real liberals and are making headway.

Until the real liberals in the Democratic Party realize that leftists really are not their allies, things are not going to get better.

For example, the other day, the HuffPost had an op-ed about who RBG’s passing make the author join a Satanic Temple!

What we are unfortunately seeing now is what Our Lady of Fatima was really warning about. The “error’s of Russia” wasn’t really about the Soviet Union. I fear it was about today.

May The Lord have mercy on us. Amen.


At first I didn’t believe you, but…

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:flushed: wow! This has to be satire

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