Amy Schumer joins uproar over surprisingly sexist Girls' Life magazine cover



Why are these two magazines being compared to one another? One is an official magazine published by the Boy Scouts of America, which began doing so in 1911. The other is published by a for profit company and began doing so in 1994.

*Boys Life *is about, well, the Boy Scouts. In contrast, here is how Girls Life describes itself:

the premier magazine for girls ages 10-16 focusing on fun stuff like fashion, beauty and celebs along with real information and advice on friends, family, school, tough stuff and more.


One magazine is about Scouting, with an orientation on boys. It isn’t trying to make money. The other is a magazine aimed at teen girls, with no particular orientation, other than making money.

Do the Girl Scouts of America have an official publication?


Come on now, you cant really expect a celebrity to actually know what it is they are talking about before they go criticizing it can you? :shrug:


I think it’s hilarious that Ms. Schumer believes she somehow is qualified to teach girls what they should think.
Her comedy routines are full of things that make men and women blush. :eek:


The Girl Scouts used to have a magazine, at least for the United States, called American Girl. However, the doll company now has its own magazine with the same name, so I am not sure if the GS publication still exists.


Amy Schumer tells jokes for a living, so you should take what she says very seriously.


Personally, I don’t see what the big deal is. Why can’t there be magazines for girls that are interested in makeup and beauty tips etc? At the same time, girls are free to read boys life as well if something interests them. I think it is unimportant who the magazine if “meant” for, if you are interested, read it. And THAT should be the message for girls.


Of course we couldn’t hold them to that kind of standard. Poor actors, actresses, and celebrities, we ask so much of them…:rolleyes:


What I find funny is that Cosmopolitan has a story on this. How do I know that? I thought the Girls Life cover looked a lot like a Cosmo cover and was googling to see if anyone else had made the connection. Seems Cosmo doesn’t. That or they do, but don’t want to mention it because people might come to the conclusion that vapid things on the cover of Girls Life also would apply to Cosmo.

Are we really suprised when things like Cosmo and Vogue are some of the top circulated women’s magazines? For a decade or more people have accepted marketing to young girls as if they were just small versions of adult women and this is just another reflection of that. When Cosmo starts putting out articles like you’d find in Science then maybe we could think it’s sexist, but for now it’s just part for the course.


There’s room for fashion and beauty magazines for girls as well as others that focus on more serious subjects. The girls will buy what interests them.
Personally, I do like the photo on the cover of the second magazine of the young girl without all the makeup and styling. She’s beautiful as she is and has a nice smile. She doesn’t need a bunch of professionals turning her into an unreal version of herself.


Yeah, right? What makes her think she knows the answers to all life’s questions?


If those were the choices I’d buy my daughter Boys Life.


Yes, one magazine is geared to consumerism. Girls Life’s goal is to sell advertising to people trying to reach teens, concerned about their appearance. Stories that sell product are good, not stories that are educational and thought provoking to teens, but might dissuade consumerism.


I watched a rather interesting video, which I won’t post here due to profanity, which dissected this “outrage”. As other posters have mentioned they are two magazines put out by two different organizations for two different purposes. And moving beyond the covers the actual content in the “Boy’s Life” magazine also had a fair amount of mindless consumerism and “Girl’s Life” had its share more more thoughtful articles. The author of the video concluded by suggesting that people outraged were literally judging a book by its cover.


I am always astounded by the amount of advertising in women’s beauty magazines. It’s like 75% advertising and 25% content.


The only thing she can teach is how to be “easy”!


Place both magazines on a checkout rack at a store and see which one most girls pick

Guaranteed it won’t be Boys Life.



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