An Account: How to Deal with Bitterness


Beautiful article!

This is an excellent article. And praying for someone until the resentment ends I am sure is an effective exercise when someone has hurt you. It is easy for me to forgive and go on as nothing has happened when someone offends me, whether they apologize or not. I am struggling with someone on the other side of the spectrum who hasn’t forgiven me. I pray for her but I also replay the hurt, and like the lady, will do so until I’m 90, should I be so graced to live that long. So I apologized, she said, “I forgive you,” but she will walk around me as though I were invisible and not speak to me unless there is an opportunity to embarrass me. Maybe I’m just ‘whiny’.There has been no forgive and forget. I can clearly see that the intent is to punish me, or she has made it clear that I am not worth a casual, social friendship to her. I am going to make another attempt to talk to her about this. Everyone else in this circle of friends is understanding and cordial to me.

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