An account: "Love Accepts Many Imperfections in Marriage"

In this humorous account, a husband writes about his very great annoyance over a small habit of his wife. He suggests that spouses do the sort of thing he finally did, to accept such an imperfection instead of having it drive them crazy.

Good article. My husband falls asleep in very strange places (on the desk, while climbing up the stairs, on the kitchen floor).

I don’t think that will ever change either.

Excellent article! :thumbsup:

My wife is a drawer opener. I can definitely relate. She has many other imperfections that I am working on accepting too, or trying to help change where appropriate. I am under no illusions though…there must be many behaviours of mine that are vexing for her.

I enjoyed that very much! When we first got married I was so upset that my husband always left crumbs on the counter and would “always” leave them for me to clean up. He has gotten to the point of noticing (and cleaning up) more often than not, but not to the point that he sees them and gets upset with me when I don’t clean up after myself or the children immediately. :wink:

lol I am a cabinet door opener. My husband is a cup user (aka as soon as he is done it is dirty and dose not reuse it when he wants another drink 30 min later). We gave up trying to get the other one to stop a long time ago. He just closes the cabinet doors and I wash a few extra dishes.

I have always said that one should only marry the person who is your best friend, because over the long haul, you will find that romance and sexual attraction fades rather fastly, and all other things being equal your partners personal foibles can translate into a massive pain in the rump. After a while, one is no longer willing to put up with that behavior and they end up in the law courts.
On the other hand, you can live with your best friend, and abide their eccntric or bad habits with a sense of humor.
So, for those of you who aren’t married, if you feel romantic love for, or are massively “turned on” by a prospective partner, take an ice cold shower and ask yourself:"are they my Number One Best Friend?

You raise a good point there.
I’m not sure if that can still apply to my set of circumstances though.

Let me put it another way. Let’s say the lady of the house uses her husbands razor to shave her legs after a bath, and she washes out the razor, but leaves the blade in it and forgets to tell her husband about it.
The next morning he lathers up, take one pass on his face with the razor and ends up with his face badly torn up because of a dull razor blade. At that point in their relationship, the wife had better be his best friend!
On the other hand, there is always the issue of a raise toilet seat…
There are many marriages that disintegrated into mayhem for either of these issues (both of which are based on simple inconsideration for the other person) because the partners were not best friends.
In the day to day stresses and tensions of two people living together in the modern world, both people will tolerate and even make excuses for their partner when they are best friends.

Point well taken.
To be fair, I’ve yet to see this happen. o:

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