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Here is an article on CNNs belief or should we say unbelief blog.

This article illustrates my pessimism regards the outcome of the HHS mandate. I believe this young lady is representative of most people who have been baptized Catholic. I witnessed many like this while doing some NFP presentations for my diocese and for pre-cana (help out for a couple of them and presented NFP talk),

sounds like she has undiagnosed endometriosis. There are better things than the pill for that and the pill only masks the symptoms. It also raises your risk for breast cancer and I think Cervical cancer. Not to mention blood clots is a potential and dangerous side effect.

Someone needs to send her a copy of Theology of the body.

The young woman first writes about using oral contraceptives for a medical, non-contraceptive, purpose—for the regulation of her menstrual cycle. But then she goes on to describe how emergency contraception (morning after pill), and condoms have been useful to her, in avoiding unplanned pregnancy and STD’s.

She says that she disagrees with the Church’s stance on contraception. Nowhere does she state that she disagrees with the Church’s stance on pre-marital sex. But apparently she does.

Which is it—oral contraceptives for medical reasons? Or oral contraceptives for birth control, as well as condoms and morning after pills?

Does she—and her peers—believe that sex before marriage is always and everywhere necessary? Does no one anymore believe that marital relations are intended for marriage?

Because it seems to me that the underlying assumption is this: everyone must have sex, therefore contraception must be mandated.

[quote=the article]I believe that condoms are, in fact, pro-life. They help women and men act responsibly in regards to the spread of HIV/AIDS. Condoms also prevent unintended pregnancies that could result in abortions, another issue that the Catholic Church has strong views about.

Another great example of what our universities are churning out. No brains. No wisdom. But a nice degree that means nothing. And this from the Catholic University of America.

Condoms are prolife? Well, heck. Castration is too. So is sterilization. Everything is now prolife.

And abortions are prolife too because they “protect the life of the mother”.

There goes the next head of HHS. Flush twice.

I disagreed with what the young woman posted. However, the replies she received on that site–and one in particular that called her names, made scathing, hate filled remarks about various politicians (twisting their names around to make nasty jokes out of them like a two year old)–are unlikely to be listened to by her or anyone else with a similar opinion. We are to stand ready to defend our faith, to give reasons for what we believe, but not in a manner filled with hate and nastiness and threats.

Sorry, I did not see those. You raise an excellent point that in all things charity. It would sadden me to see someone who claims to be on our side calling for violence that what the other sides does and quite viciously.

The young lady is to be prayed for and hope that she repents of her actions down the road. She has promoted to young Catholics that it is ok to commit mortal sins. Our faith is about loving the Lord, following his ways and his true Church, and seeking heaven for each other; what this lady has promoted goes against that.

God Bless

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