An alternative to AA?

Last Friday I attended my first meeting of Celebrate Recovery at a local Protestant Church. Celebrate Recovery may or may not be your answer if you do not find AA “Christian enough” or perceive hostility when you mention your Catholicsim at an AA meeting.

In my case, I don’t need to mention it. I wear a five inch San Damiano Crucifix around my neck. Preach the gospel always, use words only as needed. I have no problem with the AA meetings I go to. But no AA meetings are the same.

Here is the home group webpage

You may have to hunt around to find CR meetings near you.

My first impressions from last week? Very Christian, very Protestant, no mention of the Holy Spirit. But no real problem for this Catholic. A VERY enthusiastic bunch.:extrahappy:

After the 45 minute group meeting we had 45 minutes of smaller groups. I went to the small group for addictions. My being a Catholic was no problem. It was more then enough to persuade me to come back the next week, which is tonight. They also have a step study every Wednesday evening, and I may attend my first one next week.

I have no intention whatsoever of abandoning AA. If I decide to continue with CR, it will be as a supplement to AA, not a replacement.:coffeeread:

Any questions?

This site has CR meetings on the web… :thumbsup:

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