An amazing conformation of my vocation

I had an amazing event happen yesterday that I feel confermed my vocation to serve the church.

Back in 1996 i had terminal brain cancer. I went to a healing mass given by a famous healing priest. A merical happened that day.

I was sitting at the end of the pew as the priest was walking in he took two steps past me then froze he walked back to me and put his hand on my head and prayed I felt a warmth run through my head then he proceeded to start the service. He did to no one else what he did to me. The next months my cancer continually went away until I was completely cured 2 years later. I am convinced it was Devine intervention.

I had not been back to a service that church since that day though my family has prayed ther. However last week my closest uncle died suddenly. 3 days ago was his funeral at that verry church I was a Paul Bearer. Before the mass we looked at the verry spot I was sitting on that day I was healed and sitting in that very spot was a brass bucket of holly water that would be used in mass and the cloth that was to be draped over the coffin when mass started.
We asked a nun is that where they normally put those things she said " they just put it in random pews.
Then we asked her did you know a merical happened there (with out reverence to me or my healing)? She named the exact time and date my healing happened.

I felt I had a vocation before but still had my doubts and this event erased all doubt from my mind. God left those there for me as a sign that I shoul take those up and serve him. I am to see a spiritual director today.

Now I am trying to figure out. Can I better serve as a deacon or a priest? My personality and skills better fits the deacon but I have had people tell me a I would be a good priest.

Just thought I would share

It depends:

Marital status?
Educational background?

It’s complicated

I am 26
BA in history and MBA

If I decide on deacon I know I can’t be one till 35 but I can start preparing myself.

The vocations director will help you discern. He will have a much better idea of what to ask you, etc., than we do :slight_smile:

What blessings you have received! Thank you for expressing your gratitude to God in this way!

Praying to the Holy Spirit to give you guidance & direction in your discernment.

Amazing story, thanks for sharing. I can tell you I was in seminary for a year and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. It was a wonderful experience, and one that will never leave you.

I recommend going on a weekend retreat to a seminary. Get there on Thursday. Sit in a class on Friday with one of seminarians from your Diocese. Vocational Director can make it happen for you. Seminarians and staff will show you around for the weekend. Most importantly, pray hard about it while you are there. They will have places there for you to do just that, a grotto, a shrine. They will have it there.

Also, check out the book To Save a Thousand Souls. It will help you.

Will keep you in my prayers tonight.


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