An animal puzzle




Can’t find one that would possibly defend me. Have to wait for a better puzzler to figure this one out.


Bears and lions for me

Lions just ate some rhino poachers in Africa so well that if they hadn’t left some athletic shoes behind, the poachers would have never been found


Too small for me to see.





Here is one with correct punctuation and grammar.


Buffalo and Bison


What are the animals under the water buffalo? I can’t tell.


10,000 rats


Oh no! Those scare me the most!

I’ll pick buffalo and eagles. The eagles will eat the rats, and the buffalo will defend against the rest.


I choose Voldemort and Luke Skywalker. Magic and The Force give them great edges.


The human and the rats. Human’s gun is too dangerous against me and the rats have such large numbers to take out quite a few of the larger animals.


Okay, I pick the Bison and Buffalos.


I’ll take the wolves and rats, then, please.


Actually ,the top ones look more like crazy Spanish Bulls ,and after hearing the news yesterday of the bull runs,I’m not too sure they’d be safe to be around!


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