An annoying problem


Generally, I access CAF on my Kindle so I don’t know if the problem I have is from my Kindle or the software.

When I am typing and make a mistake and I want to correct the mistake. If I go back to the incorrectly spelled word and erase 1 or more letters to put in the correct letters, it puts a space between the original word typed and the new letter or group of letters I want to add. For example, take the word believe. Say I spelled it beleive and I wanted to correct it. If I went back and erased e, v, i, e and hit the cursor to begin typing in the letters in proper order it would look like this - bel ieve. Another
weird thing is it doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does I have to erase the entire word and start over so it is very annoying!
and every once in awhile the letters I erase will show up at the end of the sentence -
for example, sentence.ei

@cawebmaster just wondering if this happens to anyone else.


This sounds very much like a function of the Kindle device and how it handles text inputs, not a function of this website. But I will pass your feedback along.


I have had the exact same thing happen on my android phone. As with 7_Sorrows, I have to erase the entire word to get rid of those spaces.

I don’t know if it’s every time I try to correct; I will have to pay more attention and see whether it is.


I also have an android phone, but don’t use it that often to reply to CAF threads so I have not paid attention if it happens on my phone.

It doesn’t happen though when I am typing
e-mails. Just on CAF.


Same here. Although I try to do neither on my phone (small screen! tiny keyboard!), sometimes that’s just what is handiest.


Same problem here, amongst other annoying problems like their spell check function that auto-corrects every other word for the wrong word and forces me to double check everything to make sure it makes sense. Whew.


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