An Annulment Journey


Thanks for the update. We have so many posters dealing with these marital/divorce/annulment situations. They really feel alone I think and have doubts about others striving toward holiness. I'm sure it helps and encourages them to read this.


I was fortunate enough to have a friend in my parish give me a copy of ‘Code of Canon Law’ published my the Canon Law Society of America. Title VII on Marriage in general, and Chapter IX on the separation of spouses is really interesting. It may be a bit much for a lay person to understand, but it does give you a good basis to ask questions – which is something that you must do!

I also did a LOT of googling.There are some really good websites out there that describe the process. It is also well worth the effort to read the web pages of any (and all) diocese about their tribunal process.

God bless



ok... gonna read those sections online; don't want to purchase the whole code.
We're waiting on a priest who's gonna touch base with a canon lawyer... will be three weeks next... takes so long for something as simple as a phone call. In meanwhile I want to read as much as I can of "qualified" material... I read so much fluff in the past that made everything sound so easy... As mentioned, DH will be reapplying after a negative verdict. Seems my life is a constant state of taking one baby step and waiting a long time for the hand to guide me along. Thanks.

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