An another version of the Bible: The Aussie Bible


Hello Catholics,

There is an another version of the Bible is already out, called as “The Aussie Bible”.

Please take a look a snapshot of it:

In Jesus the whole personality of the Creator God is focussed in and through a single human being the coming of Jesus is God taking a hand in our history. And God, of course, prepares for this intervention very carefully:

Luke 1:26-38
God sent an angel to a backblocks town called Nazareth, in the Galilee shire, to a nice young girl who was engaged to the local carpenter, Joe Davidson. Her name was Mary.

The angel said to her, G’day Mary. You are a pretty special sheila. God has his eye on you.?

Mary went weak at the knees, and wondered what was going on.

But the angel said to her, Don’t panic, don’t chuck a wobbly. God thinks you’re okay. You’re about to become pregnant, and you’ll have a son, and you’re to call him Jesus. He will be a very big wheel, and will be called the Son of God Most High. God will give him the throne of his father, your ancestor, King David, and he will be in charge of the whole show forever.

But how? said Mary. Joe and I have done the right thing, we’ve never well, you know. I mean to say, I’m still a virgin.?

The angel answered, Leave the mechanics up to God. This is heavenly stuff. God?s Spirit will come upon you, and the Big Brain behind the Big Bang will manipulate the necessary molecules to make it happen. So this little kid of yours will be as special as its possible to be, and he’ll be called the God’s own Son. Look, even Libby, your old cousin, is preggers?at her age! God can do these things. In fact, Libby is in her sixth month because nothing is impossible with God.?

'God’s in charge,? Mary answered. 'If that’s what God wants, then it’s what I want too.

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