An anti-catholic site

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is deliberately using the good name of Catholic Answers to promote a decidedly heretical postion. I am most definately NOT involved with this bunch of rabble - I’m pasting it here as a pointer to what sort of rubbish is out there.

Know thy enemy…

Thanks for the Heads Up.

I wonder if there is a COPY RIGHT issue at play here :confused:

I’ve seen worse…

And I wouldn’t claim that they are “the enemy.” We should be more sensitive to people who are misinformed of the Catholic Church. Four years ago, I might have joined such a group on yahoo. However, I decided not to be ignorant any longer and learned the truth. We should pray for those people instead of labeling them.

Problem is, many of these sites see US as “the enemy.” I know of one site that says upfront that it will brook no defense of the catholic church. And other sites that are almost as bad. Let me see… has someone who claims to be a former catholic. I debated him for awhile. is one that says they will not tolerate any defense of the catholic church. Over at there is a forum for “former catholics for christ.” They are VERY anti-catholic. And I’m sure there are hundreds of others. These are a few of the ones I’ve come across.

[quote=Christy Beth]Problem is, many of these sites see US as “the enemy.”

That is so very true. Many of these sites do treat us as the enemy. Their hateful behaviour towards Catholicism in their sites is enough reason for any well-meaning Catholic to avoid them, unless of course you intend to walk straight into a snake pit.

Gerry :slight_smile:

I’ve seen worse. :frowning: Thankfully, there are only 9 members on that site.

The big image didn’t load, but I reaaally like the design of the church in the banner at the top. Is that it? It’s…cruciform! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: In fact, everything about that page looks really good. May I post a heads up about this on my weblog? My girlfriend and I are looking for outstanding examples of Catholic parishes that will faithfully celebrate the Mass of Paul VI and we’d love to share this with a wide audience!

I don’t think they are much to worry about, especially since according to the page, the yahoo group was formed in 2000 and only has 9 members and 18 posts.

Preaty kool site. I have to admire anyone that can quote an entire 2 or 3 words out of context in sentence to prove their point. Heck, I’ve seen numerous sites that allow people to quote an entire verse or sentence out of context to make a point.

This is a young site but you have to remeber the courage and adebt skill they have at taking things out of contest or in biggoted hatred. Others will be amazed at the bravado this site has shown and the new low level of herisey.

Facts and truth and context are just stumbling blocks for those who hate the Catholic Church. Don’t ever let facts or truth stand in your way!:whistle:

Traditional Catholics? Is that the group to which Mel Gibson belongs?

There is nothing new with people posing as Catholics to try and pursecute the Church. Many times I have had people come from various groups to my door to try to convert me to their religions. When you inform them your a Catholic about fifty percent will tell you that they had been Catholic until they had finally discoverd the truth.

I always immediately question them as to their understanding of our doctrine and dogma you know since they claim to have been Catholic. I have never found one who had really been Catholic.

I finally send them on their way with an admonition that you can’t pretend to work for God by starting out lying to the people you visit.

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