An Apology to My Latin Brothers & Sisters

[quote=aByzantineCatho]Yes, it is typical “New Order” garabage you get these days in the Novus Ordo. I am not sure the Novus Ordo is even really Catholic. I am sorry you had that experience. I am afraid until we get a new Pope who is Catholic these things will stay the same.

My Catholic brothers and sisters, Latin and Eastern,

I have only skimmed the thread ( Liturgy Abuse? ) in which the above quote was posted and, consequently, don’t consider that I have any right to comment on the substance of it. I do, however, have no qualms about commenting on the above post by a fellow Eastern Catholic.

This forum is titled “Catholic Answers” - not Latin or Roman, but “Catholic”. On that basis, it can be argued that it is as much a venue for those of the Eastern Catholic Churches sui iuris as it is for our Latin brothers and sisters. But, in truth, this forum is intended primarily to address, discuss, and teach Catholicism in terms of Western theological understanding, liturgical practice, and spirituality.

Charges have been made that there is an anti-Eastern bias present on this forum; I have listened to that claim and carefully observed whether there is any truth to it, since I have had to spend much time during the past four decades explaining and assuring my Catholicity and that of my Church to my brother and sister Latin Catholics. To date, I have seen misconceptions, honest ignorance, and genuine curiousity about the East on the part of posters here; I have observed that forum staff’s demonstrated levels of knowledge and interest regarding the East appear to only be superficial; but, I have observed nothing that would suggest an anti-Eastern basis.

That said, we, as Eastern Catholics, have been allowed to enter as guests into a forum that is primarily intended to provide a place for discussion by our brothers and sisters of the Latin Church with one another and those who come here to inquire of and debate matters of Catholicity. We have posted without interference on matters related to Eastern Catholicity and replied to those who have inquired about our Churches and their place in the Communion of Churches which together comprise the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.

It is neither our place as guests here, nor our place as Eastern Catholics, to make disparaging comments on the Latin Church’s liturgical forms of worship. More particularly, it is unworthy, disrespectful, and despicable that one who claims to be a member in good standing of a Church sui iuris in communion with Rome would make such a comment as I quoted above regarding the Pope, who is the both the Patriarch of the West and the spiritual leader of Catholicism.

Finally, to an invite voiced in the last sentence of the quoted post:

[quote=aByzantineCatho]Might I suggest going to an Eastern Rite Catholic Church?

The Eastern Churches do not exist to be a haven for or an escapist venue for Catholics of the Latin Church who don’t like the theological presentations of their own Church or its liturgical forms. We appreciate interest in our Churches and in our liturgical traditions, but we want to and must be understood and appreciated for ourselves, not as an antidote to what disaffected Latins perceive as wrong in their own Church. The Novus Ordo Mass is neither less authentic nor holy than the Tridentine Mass; each, as a service of worship directed to God, has its own intrinsic holiness when served faithfully and reverently. To the extent that abuses exist within either, they must needs be addressed; but the form is only that - an external; ultimately, worship comes from within oneself, one’s heart and soul.

On behalf of my fellow Eastern Catholics, I apologize to the Forum’s members for the ill-considered words of my brother.

God grant you many years,


I can only add, Amen, Amen, Amen.

We ALL (Catholics West and East) “have seen the True Light, we have received the Heavenly Spirit, we have found the TRUE FAITH, worshipping the undivided Trinity . . .”

Let us approach our essential unity, breathing with both lungs with gratitude and love.


Thank you Neil for that well written response. :blessyou:

Let’s pray that in all rites of the Catholic Church, the hostility towards each other and ourselves and the abuses present in The Church today come to an end, that we may be an example to others in the unity found in the Bride of Christ.

Thank you for standing up on this issue.

As an eastern catholic who may have stepped over the line in the past here I want to say that you are a model of how we should be acting here and elsewhere.


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