An Apology to you Catholics

Condolences on the passing away of the Holy Father, and may you be blessed with a successor as towering as him.

Amma ba’d, as the Arabs write in their letters—to the matter itself:

First, in the thread Women In the Priesthood, I expressed a desire that the Catholic Church should change its stance on the ordination of women, and said it was quite a possible thing to take place. That was disrespectful on my part. It was disrespectful of the Tradition of other people, and I apologise for that. Now, I still don’t like the idea that people are barred from the priesthood on a sexual basis; yet I agree that that is how the Catholic Church works, and that changing it would nullify the very Catholic Church itself. If anyone is displeased with that state of affairs, they can only look elsewhere, not reform the Catholic Church. Every religion has some core features which, if changed, the religion ceases to be what it has essentially been. I did not appreciate that when I participated in that thread, but now I do. So I apologise for my disrespect.

Secondly, in another thread, I expressed great anger at having my Gods called demons, and remarked that this (CA Forums) is an unholy place. Besides the ordinary questions (I mean: what else was I expecting on a Christian board?), I have to say that my reaction reflects more upon me than upon anything else. I should have dismissed it all with a shrug of the shoulders, thinking, “so they said that, so what?” And I would have dismissed it that way, and not burst into flame, if I were a calmer person at the time. But the fact is that it was a depressing and edging time for me, and it was very easy to put me off joint. I apologise for bursting into flame.

The main issue is that the Internet (I mean online life, I mean participation in an online board where no real-life activity can result from it) brings out the worst in me. I have to leave this board, just like all others except geographically local ones, in order to live a life, and more important, in order to talk less about my religion and practise more. So I have to say goodbye. But just know that I’m not leaving because of bad treatment here, but because of my own issues.

What if you have questions about Wicca and paganism? Then there is a Wiccan apologist who is much more capable than I am. He is Justin Eiler, and here is his profile on one of the boards. You can contact him through e-mail (on that linked page) or invite him here. Anyway, I guarantee he won’t exhibit such symptoms of disrespect or anger I did—he’s a calm and rational and, most important, an experienced person.

Goodbye :wave: Blessed be.

Thanks for that sincere apology. I can’t remember any specific bad-mouthing of you and your position, but there likely was and that is unfortunate. It is the nature of the anonymous internet that we sometimes say things we would never say to someone’s face–sometimes it’s a good thing, sometimes it’s awful, and it reflects poorly on Catholics when they resort to nastiness. Please accept my prayers for you even if you don’t agree with who we pray to.


Heathen, apology (and your condolences of the passing of our Holy Father) accepted with love and thanks.

Blessings to you now and wherever you go. You’re always welcome to “come home” (in whatever way you choose).

I must say that it is very refreshing to see a non-Catholic (indeed, any person whatsoever) who can verbalize an understanding of Catholic tradition that is respectful of the tradition even when the person responding does not agree with said tradition. So thank you for that.

Have a lovely day (I’m in Vermont, and we’re going to hit 60, a rare and giddy occurrence that makes me extra sensitive to “nice days” and desirous of wishing them on all people!)

Thank you, HD.

I think it speaks extremely highly of you to offer such a humble apology! We welcome you back to CA any time!

It would be wrong for me to not plead with you, one last time before you go, to please turn from Wicca. I mean this in all sincerity.

We love you here and we care about you so much that we want your soul to be in good standing with God.

This may hurt to hear the truth, but it must be said: HD, if you continue on with Wicca, you will lose your soul.

Please, I beg you, just say a simple prayer to Jesus–no matter how awkward it feels! He’s waiting on you! He loves you and He wants you to come Home to Him! We love you! No matter what, you can come back to CA anytime.

May you find the Truth and Peace of the Lord Jesus Christ, who loves you more than you know!


Heathen Dawn thankyou for your apology:) I was just wondering, has the passing of the Pope touched you as well?We have been broken up for us and happy for him.It just seems by your post that his death has touched you as well.If it is to personal don’t answer,your post just seems that you were affected too.If you have you are not alone,it seems people from every race ,creed and Religion has been touched.God Bless

That was touching and considerate of you. Your apology was also very kind.Thank you and God Bless you abundantly.

[quote=“Scott Waddell”]Please accept my prayers for you even if you don’t agree with who we pray to.

Thank you, Scott. :slight_smile:

[quote=“Tantum ergo”]I must say that it is very refreshing to see a non-Catholic (indeed, any person whatsoever) who can verbalize an understanding of Catholic tradition that is respectful of the tradition even when the person responding does not agree with said tradition. So thank you for that.

It’s only that I have more appreciation of the concept of Tradition now than in the past (ie up until two weeks ago).

Thank you, UKcatholicGuy. :slight_smile:

Well, to be frank, I had an internal change before the passing of the Pope. I’d never had a respectful opinion of religious leaders, priestly hierarchies and binding traditions before. But I now see how rootless a person can become without those things, I see what a valuable anchor they can provide. Before, the Pope was for me just another man, while now I respect him as the High Priest and Torch-Bearer and Key-Keeper of a religious tradition.

Well, I’m off, thank you all. :slight_smile:

I hope I’m not too late to say good bye - moreover - I hope you change your mind and come back.

Heathen Dawn - though our beliefs are different, I’ve always admired the calm and patient way in which you’ve defended your beliefs on these boards and I’ve always been appreciative of the way you have shown respect for our Catholic faith on these boards. I’ve learned from that. In a positive way.

Now, considering that is coming from a hot-headed gal with an “Irish temper”, I’d say that your time here is well spent!

Please stay.

Heathen Dawn,
Please don’t go. We can all learn to be more chaitable when expressing our thoughts… it goes both ways. We won’t hold it against you if you don’t hold it against us.

Thank you for your kind words about the Pope. He was a wonderful man because he let the love of Jesus Christ shine through him. It sounds so hokey to say that Jesus loves you HD, so very much… but it’s true. He does. It is going to be my prayer that you someday come to know that.

Peace be with you,

Heathen Dawn,

I honestly believe that the Holy father was looking for you as well, just as Christ the Lord is constantly looking for all of us to bring us home.

May you find peace, hope, love, and salvation and for eternal bliss of heaven.


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