An Arizona mother zapped her son with a Taser to make him attend Easter service, police say


“And on a particularly frustrating Easter Sunday morning, as she tried to get the 17-year-old ready for church, she had her Taser handy, too.”

“'I said, ‘Get up! It’s Jesus day!’ Dobbins recalled to ABC 15."

(But she told the police she didn’t really tase him, just spared the taser.)

It says in the article she did use the taser on him? Either way, it didn’t work, did it? She shouldn’t have done it.

That will teach him about Jesus’ love.


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Right. It’s always the sensationalist stuff that will be assumed to be not just this woman’s, but the view behind every ‘practicing religious person’.

(I’m not saying you’re saying this, BTW)

The thing is, every time that a person of a certain religious persuasion is involved in some ‘less than perfect’ action that involves him or her trying to ‘honor’ or have others ‘honor’ THAT religion, the media bends over backward to assure the world that A. The action really had NOTHING AT ALL to do with the religion, even if the person said it did. .
B. The action represented ONE PERSON’S ‘action’ and could not ever be attributed to the religious group as a whole.

I wonder why Christianity is so different from that religion that you’ll find hundreds if not thousands of variations on “Yeah, right, so-called CHRISTIAN Love, here’s the PERFECT example, ha ha ha losers”. . .

Isn’t it interesting how that works in the media?

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