An article: Why Go to Confession?

As this article remarks, people often ask, why should we go to confession? Why not simply go to God and ask Him for forgiveness? This article provides a good many reasons for confession, including for example, the special graces the sacrament of confession provides. This article is at

What a great article, thanks for posting it. It’s so true , I want to print it out to give to people.

Here’s a good audio talk by Fr. Larry Richards (VERY dynamic and exciting speaker!) explaining Confession:

Thanks for the post and the link to this Catholic catechesis website.

I printed this article off so that I could read it later. It took 11 pages, so not wanting to totally waste my 11 pages of printing, I asked my assistant if she would like to read it. “Yes, I would,” she said. She is nearly 70 years old, and has been away from the church for a looong time - probably close to 40 years - and away from confession for longer than that. But she started going back to Mass this summer.

She has “issues” with confession. Please pray that this article helps her overcome some (or all?) of her issues.

Maybe if I offer to do 100x her penance??

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