An Asian Indian point of view about Christian (believers of Jesus) and Islam (believers of Jesus or Isa)

As a youth and Asia Indian (Tamil), I have been taught to respect elders. That means anyone older has to be accorded a higher consideration than a younger person. In other words, we assume that the older person has lived longer and could infact (benefit of the doubt) has more experiences and must be given due respect through this.

Now, in deference to this, Christianity (2000 years now) one can say are believers of Jesus as Son of God ie (begotten of the Father;not made) thus is an older and more experienced entity (for lack of a better word), and traces its heritage (in belief) to Jesus (born of a virgin –Mary) who was betrothed to Joseph (living in a Jewish custom and all that goes with it) who came in the fullness of time to reveal the One True God.

Meanwhile, Islam arguably 600 years younger also have a serious affinity (for lack of a better word again) with this man Jesus who is son of virgin Mary and -Im not an expert in Islam- but Islam I think has no history of Joseph for whatever reason.

Now back to respect. Personally it is my wholehearted wish that respect be accorded recognition and with that this means there should be a benefit of a doubt that Jesus is indeed (son of Mary-betrothed to Joseph ) and God’s Son, begotten not made. This also means that there is no reason why Christianity would have made this up because it is The Way, The Truth and the Life. Christians really do want to love and love truly themselves and their neighbor;nothing less.

What are your views on above and whether it is fair or unfair for Islam and their adherents to accede to the Christian Jesus benefit of the doubt.

Be careful though (and I hope I have not crossed the line) between proselyting and evangelizing. I believe and hope to be construed to have done the latter.

God bless.


I don’t think the argument is sound, because it could be used against Christianity just as simply by Rabbinical Judaism, or by Hindus against later religions, or animists against everyone else.

I’m talking only about Using Jesus (son of Mary) as the yardstick so to speak. Jews reject Jesus’ claims and in my experience could care less about other Faiths who considered him important. Jews don’t take him as a Prophet either. Hinduism meanwhile with the exception of a very miniscule group of Hindus, don’t have Jesus as a holy man they can look up to. Only Islam accepts Jesus as a Prophet and "Messiah " short of God.

So focusing only on importance of Jesus alone, do you think you can support Islam’s rejecting Christianity claim about Jesus in other words?


What does it mean by “Jesus was begotten, not made”? I don’t know what begotten means in that context. Surely you are not mormons, so it’s out of the question to suppose a physical begetting. The Catechism also uses that word all the time, so it’s frustrating for me to not understand. I can’t respond to a position that I don’t understand :frowning:

Drac, you always ask good questions:D

First don’t get frustrated. We Christians want understanding with everyone. The thing is, one has to study history first in order to prepare for understanding. When I say history, meaning trace the beliefs and councils (pre 500 A.D.) that dwelved with the question like Begotten when struggling with non-believers.

So I say willingness to understand (and I think you are) the CCC’s explanations, you have to research further with the past Councils.



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