An attempt at apologetics online

I recently had the opportunity to defend the Faith & the Pope on a Facebook post about the Pope, on a page that would lean on the more conservative side, but does have the ‘click-bait’ headlines, and stories written to ‘fire people up’. The stories often tell a side that isn’t out there in the mainstream media, but it has also ‘twisted’ stories to fit agendas. I’m sharing this and some of the defenses, perhaps because at times it was frustrating, and perhaps for encouragement, and even, perhaps, a heads-up to people like me, who are in middle age, who have apparently lived in a bubble having never encountered people with these feelings, or at least, never bold enough to say it to my face. I’m sure I know people who would agree with the comments against the Faith and the Pope.

I initiated one comment defending the Pope, denouncing the ‘half story’ that the page was putting out there. Throughout the comments, every time I was asked (that I could see) I added facts, relevance, and defense of Pope Francis as a person and as our Pope, and of the Faith. These are often conservatives, including many ‘Catholics’, who follow this page. I was blessed to be able to dialogue with them, and perhaps, make a little difference. I’m pretty new at defending the Faith and Apologetics, but I think I did the best that I could do, at the time, with what I had. God led me to some good answers, and I probably led myself to some not-so-good ones. Hopefully, not many of those! For some, once I stood up and said I had the references and scripture, they changed their point.

He is, according to some, including some who said they were Catholic, a Socialist, Marxist, Communist, Servant of Satan. Catholics are pagans; guilty of making the Pope their master/God. The usual about not using a priest for confession; that the Church isn’t even Christian. We removed books from the Bible (Mary and Judas……yes, the same Mary that they claim is nothing but a mere woman and sinner); we go against Leviticus by believing we are eating the actual body and blood of Christ. The pope supports gays and their lifestyle; that he wants population control; we put the earth and creation above God; of course, there was the usual worshipping of Mary and false idols.

Let me share some of what I encountered, & defended (with love, and absolutely no anger or hatred; the peace within came from God). I used Scripture as much as possible, as well as the Catechism with its references to Scripture. I linked to the Vatican, the Catechism, Scripture, and a page that was able to explain the ‘myths’ that many believe about the Church.

*]Catholics aren’t Christians. Different beliefs, different backgrounds, different Mary, everything.
*]no, he’s not a good Catholic and Christian. He’s a social justice ideologue, and he’s an embarrassment to his faith.
*]God says don’t have idols. Mary would be an idol. Do you have statues of her? Yes you do. You are worshipping a false idol. You also don’t need a middle man to talk to God. And no matter how many Hail Marys (see idols) a priest gives you he can not forgive your sin. Oh and you can’t pray anyone into heaven. Jesus tells you the only way.
*]Jesus said, I am the way, the truth and the life let no man come to the Father but by me. JOHN 14:6 NO MAN. You can’t get to god through your priest. Matthew 9: 1-8 clearly delineates on who has the only authority to forgive. Your practice is a counterfeit. It does not align with the word of Jesus Christ.
*]Do you not have a pope?!! I’m looking at em. Romans 3:10 no man is holy, no not one.
*]Your pope has already come against the by going against 1st Corinthians with the gays. Also by doing that he is cursed from revelations 22
*]The pope is a false prophet, with a false gospel. Pushing communist agenda.
*]All Catholic/Christians should be very leery of this Pope. Some things he says don’t match up with our bible. He doesn’t know abt preaching the Bible either
*]You need to understand the difference between Catholicism and Christianity. The blood on hands is not on the Christians.
*] He is an apostate, the general consensus among fellow Catholics like myself have already written him off since he offers no guidance or moral clarity. During Mass he is not quoted, it’s always Benedict or John Paul
*]Pope is a false prophet no matter; the pope is a false prophet as described in scripture. I’ve followed articles and statements from the Vatican as well as this pope regarding many key issues. He is absolutely a false prophet.
*]the Pope does not follow Jesus. You can’t serve 2 masters. The “agendas” are not the same. If you serve the pope, you are not serving the Faith, or Jesus. Catholicism is not Christianity. We are to subdue the land and care for it. To be fruitful and multiply.
*]Pushing climate control doctrine. Population control. And putting the earth and animals above man is a spirit of sacrifice that is an abomination. If you were a follower of Christ, led by The Holy Spirit and not self or man. You would be given the gift of discernment. The knowledge to search the scriptures. And testing the spirits. You idolize a system of man, above God. Repent, and call upon Jesus.
*]Catholicism “fornicates” with other pagan religious idolatry practice. The pope prays with other religions and worshipped in a mosque. That’s an abomination. Harlotry. He removes the knowledge of God, fear of , and judgements of God via weather judgements. (Climate change) He is telling people to seek men , not repentance. He is setting up a one world religion, and encouraging global government. (BEAST)
*]EARTH WORSHIP. Worshiping the creation and not the Creator.
*]Catholics believe the “Eucharist” is the “body and blood of Jesus Christ”, a.k.a. “transsubstantiation”. Jesus often spoke in metaphors - do you really think he was asking disciples to literally drink his blood and eat his flesh in violation of Leviticus 3:17?

I have shared as much as I can without making this a 3 post beginning to the post.
The links to the catechism/Vatican are not listed, but were given, as well as Scriptural references when asked.

*]**We do not follow/‘serve’ the Pope. He is our leader, the same as the head of any religion or country, but he is not our Savior or God. I serve God through my Faith, which is Catholicism. I’m so sorry that so many people are ill-informed about the Faith. You’ve been lied to and deceived.
*]**Catholicism is completely rooted in Christ, and follows the Bible (which the Catholic Church assembled!).
*]**I’d like to invite each and every one of you to attend a nearby Mass at a Catholic Church; ask questions, and read Catholic teaching. The Catechism, which explains why we believe the way we do, is referenced with Scripture throughout to explain it. With a little research, even if you didn’t come to the conclusion that being Catholic is where you need to be, you will see the truth that is Catholic, and realize the wrongness of the lies that the world has deceived you with. I cannot argue anyone into believing me; I can continue to provide Scriptural basis for our beliefs, and you will call them lies. I’m so sorry that in order for others to feel better, they must lie and deceive, and put others down. Again, even if you don’t wish to agree with Catholicism, at least read BOTH sides, not the ones the media and the world has presented you. I pray for unity in this world, not division, for we have One God, One Savior.
*]**Rob, I have a Bible right here (including my grandmother’s). What do you want to know? Are you willing to listen with an open heart and mind? I’d be here for years explaining why the Catholic Church is true, and why we believe in Jesus Christ. Again, we DO NOT WORSHIP MARY. Only GOD forgives our sins! We only worship our Lord! We don’t go through anyone but Jesus Christ.
*]He is not a false prophet. I can and will defend God, the Faith and the Pope, which all have the same so-called agenda. Do not believe the lies that the world has told you.
*]**No matter how many lies you believe, or use to attack the Faith, it will stand.
*]**Jesus Christ gave us the New Covenant (in his own words). Who are you to decide what words to take literally? Jesus LITERALLY said it, and meant it.

*]***We are not going through our priest. You have been misinformed by someone about the Catholic Faith. The ONLY way to Heaven is through Jesus Christ. I do know it is not through mocking and denigrating other people and other religions. It is also not through perpetrating lies and falsehoods about said Faith.
*]Romans 3:10 says that no man is perfect…which is true. In the context of a holy man of God, whether it is your pastor, the missionary or the Pope, it does not say he is sinless. Please read the WHOLE scripture passage, not one verse, to use it in context
*]**The Catholic Faith of course tells the truth! And is ROOTED in Scripture, as I have shown. Calling me ignorant doesn’t change that.
*]**I cannot explain to someone who will not listen. God bless and keep you, Rob. I’m sorry that you have been misinformed about the Catholic Church, and no matter how many truths I present you, you will deny them, just as Jesus was denied, and continues to be so today. (Rob later deleted every one of his posts on the thread.)

*]**I have replied repeatedly with Scriptural evidence, and historical evidence, but it’s still not good enough for you. However, it’s good enough for God, and that’s what really matters. None of y’all have answered my ONE question about your faith practices. I haven’t avoided one thing that has been presented to me. If I didn’t see it, or it was buried in the numerous replies to my comment, I apologize. At some point, I just need to leave these facts out there, and let ya’ll decide on your own. I can only share the Truth of God’s Love and Mercy, as well of the Catholic Church (which I believe is the one He founded, but I will let that point slide for now). I know that it’s not me that is being attacked, but the Faith, and therefore, God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God bless and keep you all, and I hope that we meet in Heaven, and realize how much more we have that unites us, than separates us.

This guy is just regurgitating stuff he found in Boettner’s Roman Catholicism*. *He hasn’t actually given any of it any real thought.

Since he did not use his own reasoning ability to post these objections, you cannot reason with him. Reason was not part of his process, so reason cannot be used to correct it.

I agree that it was the mostly the usual stuff, but sadly, it wasn’t just one guy. It was 15-20 people just in that one ‘thread’; I didn’t attempt to tackle the attacks on priests regarding the molestations in a different thread, and a couple other things that weren’t in that specific thread. I stuck to the one thread.

I think, from what I’ve gathered and re-read today, some of them where JWs; I knew it sounded familiar, and it did sound like some people I’ve met at my front door.

If you’re going to do it at all, if they sound reasonable enough to engage what you say, I’d try to stick to 1 topic at a time, and keep it as brief as you can. :o

Life is short. St Paul new when to cut it off with a heretic. He gave them 2 attempts. If after 2 tries, there is no progress, he moved on. And that’s what he taught others to do as well

Titus 3:10
“As for a man who is factious ( [FONT=Verdana]αρετικν[/FONT] heretic ), after admonishing him once or twice, have nothing more to do with him, 11 knowing that such a person is perverted and sinful; he is self-condemned.”

Thanks y’all :slight_smile:

Appreciate it!
Have a blessed day!

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