An attempt


I’m going to try and dispel a few things before I even get into the purpose of this thread.

I’m educated (but probably not the best writer)… I’m engineer to be exact. I don’t drink, I’ve never done drugs. I’m basically your typical neighbor. Contrary to the typical stereotypes I’m a relatively pleasant person. And I’m going to try my hardest to make this a discussion rather then a flame thread. I am here for a reason after all.

Now a little background. I am a Satanist. There is not a time I can remember that I wasn’t, at least not anymore. When I went to church, and Sunday school when I was child they taught me about God and of course Satan. The latter appealed to me more I suppose. I remember going through communion and thinking to myself, I wonder if they can tell. Who knows when that was, it was a long time ago.

I am not apart of some cult. I don’t know any other Satanists like myself. Remember I’m not a LeVey Satanist… and many other Satanist’s believe Satan/Lucifer is some type of enlightened being trying to bring knowledge and truth to mankind. I do not claim to be any of these faiths. No one knows this by the way, it has always been my own private journey.

So aside from many of you considering that a rather large problem, I do actually have a different problem… and that is the reason I’m here.

My loyalty is not boundless and there are many things I will not do, I don’t want to end up in jail after all. And some things just don’t suit me. But because I did choose this there are some annoyances. One of which is a very strong desire to get people to do things not exactly in line with their moral compass, aka sins. Recently it has become more of an obsession. It’s become increasingly difficult to maintain control or concentration. And just something to top it all off, I feel next to nothing … but that’s not really anything new.

I expect some not so nice responses, and even some 'what did you expect’s. Heck I’m not even sure if the moderators will allow this thread to stay up. If not, it’s totally understandable and I won’t post here again.

Thanks for your time.


I’m not sure I understand what you are looking for from us. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be dense, but how can we help you? :shrug:


That’s a good questions. I’m not sure


So what do you believe about life/eternity?

The solution to your problem, since you say you have

Recently it has become more of an obsession.

is to ask yourself are you happy with this? If not, and I’m sure you are not, have you considered Christianity? Provided you practice it (Catholicism in particular), you will never face such a problem, but rather, be freed from such vices.


you capitalize God and Satan… as though you perceive them to be proper names. is this simply habit?

do you have belief in a creator?


An obsession of any kind is unhealthy. I would think psycologist would be the best person to help you with that.


Hello Imryl, I’m glad you came to this forum.

It appears to me (unless I’m misunderstanding your post) that you do have at least some concern that what you are doing – tempting others to sin – is wrong.

I know you might consider this a bizarre suggestion, but I hope you’ll at least give it some consideration…
Talk to a Catholic priest about it. It may be no more than a fairly typical human mischievousness, or it may be something more. Either way, your soul and the souls of others are being affected. If it bothers you a little now, why let it go any further?


Something I’ve never understood - what do Satanists have against Jesus? What does Jesus teach that ANYONE would be against?


What you need to understand is that an obsession or habit is something extremely difficult to overcome by yourself. Just think about it, eternity is forever is compared to our short lifetime. Please take a step and share your feelings with a priest. You have nothing to lose an eternity to gain.


That is a very long and involved answer. So I would say it probably parallels catholicism the closest.

The solution to your problem, since you say you have is to ask yourself are you happy with this? If not, and I’m sure you are not, have you considered Christianity?

Happy … well it doesn’t exactly stir anything. It is satisfying but beyond that there’s not a lot. I have no love of God so I really don’t believe that is the best route.

Capitalization is habit. And yes I do believe in God, Jesus or however else he is referenced to as.

Maryalene - I’m fairly certain that is not really the answer. Really, I’m surprised it took so long for someone to suggest getting therapy. It’s fairly typical for that to be a knee jerk reaction to someone claiming to be a Satanist. Maybe obsession is a bad way to describe it, but I’m not a very poetic or expressive person so I’m not really able to categorize it any other way. If I can think of something, I’ll revise it.


i’ve always wondered that too! :confused:


I too have a lot of questions for you Imryl, to satisfy my curiosity about Satanists, but since you came to us for advice, I’ll save them until a more appropriate time.


Interesting post. I hope you can stay. What appeals to you about Satan vs. God?


Marie - It’s about sin and how you feel about it. If you were to sin, you might feel guilt. I don’t. For me it’s satisfying. Even more satisfying if I convince someone else to do the same, regardless of their reaction to it.

It’s not about hate. At least not for me. Although I guess some animosity is certain to creep into the equation for obvious reasons.

You see the problem here.

Larry - if you know someone. I will talk to them.


Then why not go on a murder spree, since it’s so “satisfying”?


We don’t know that he hasn’t.

In any case, he’s lost touch with his emotions, which is a symptom of (among other things, including depression) demonic possession.

He might like to see an exorcist, if he can find one, and at least get an evaluation. Especially since it’s perfectly possible that he has, at some point in his life, invited Satan to take control of him.


This is an easy answer. And I’m going to answer this but I encourage you to remove it if it’s offensive.

I do not believe that that would be the best use of my time here. Someone dies and the effect on the people around them is minimal (because ideally they’ve moved onto a better place), not to mention the only one being affected is me.

For example, if someone were suicidal, I would certainly NOT advise the person to kill themselves, in fact I would encourage them to work it out. Misery is a disease and it does spread… sure in the end it might end up helping them, but think of everyone else they could affect on their journey to recovery. It’s a bit more involved then instant gratification

Ella - I’m not really sure. Everything.

And, I’m a she by the way.


Does a satinist necessarily have anything agianst Jesus?


So, Imryl, your goal is to do the greatest amout of harm to the greatest number of people? For what end?


What sort of Satanist are you? If you’re not a LaVeyan Satanist, does this mean that you literally worship Lucifer, the fallen angel, or do you see you Satanism more as a philosophy characterised by rebellion and the absolute primacy of your own will? LaVeyan Satanism seems to me to be something in between - a kind of philosophy with strange occult beliefs, but you say that you don’t believe in that…

I don’t fully understand your position or your question, so I’ll just give you a couple of my opinions…

Firstly, from what you’ve written, it hardly appears that you’re absolutely evil or selfish or any such thing. I’m not saying you’re a good person, but hey, neither am I. Both you and I may be quite pleasant, however, and both you and I may be selfish in certain ways, one more so than the other, but who can judge but God?

Secondly, I don’t know what you’ve been taught about God, but it might not necessarily be what God is. For one thing, Jesus was not a 60s flower child. If that’s what I understood Jesus to be, then heck, even I would find no nonsense Lucifer more appealing. :smiley: Satan wants to enslave us in vice. God wants to free us. And He does.

Thirdly, following from the possibility that you aren’t necessarily a person of ill will, and this will come as no surprise to you, I would strongly suggest that you renounce the occult and of course Satan if you indeed see him as a real being. He hates you and wants you to suffer, not just in the next life, but in this one too. Nobody derives any permanent benefit from being a Satanist, and so I would encourage you to abandon it, and perhaps become an atheist, agnostic or some sort of theist for the time being, while you contemplate the meaning of existence and truth, and decide where to go from there.

Fourthly, if you are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain control or concentration and are tempted to lead other people into sin, then there are at least several possibilities, two of which may be that you may be suffering from a psychological problem that causes you to act the way you perceive a follower of Satan should act - or - perhaps you may be suffering from demonic obsession, though it is unlikely that you are possessed, as you continue to maintain control over your body. Obsession does not require exorcism. Whatever the case may be, I would once again strongly encourage you to abandon Satanism, as it may be aggravating any psychological problems you may have or it may be exposing you to demonic influence.

In the unlikely event that the latter is the case and you are unwilling for the influence continue, or even if you simply come to see the error of Satanism, I suggest you turn to Jesus Christ. His name has great power. God is the Creator of all that is - infinitely more powerful than a mere fallen angel. Jesus will not turn anyone away - not even a Satanist.

All the best to you, and God bless.

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