An awful sin!


Well I have been struggling with masturbation for some time now. I had a few day streak and was doing good until school I found myself thinking lustful thoughts and as soon as I got home I comitted the awful sin again. I SINCERELY want to stop. I feel horrible after it…What should I do to stop?


There are some good purity resources linked on Catholic Answers, you should check them out.

In general, you should go to confession frequently (as often as necessary), go to Mass frequently, pray more (especially the Rosary when you are tempted), and try to avoid temptation (the internet, being home alone w/nothing to do, etc.). If you can figure out what tends to trigger the desire to sin, avoid it.

God Bless


First, stop beating yourself up and don’t despair. Even for Priests and Religious, it can be a battle. Just resign yourself to the fact that it will be a long, drawn out struggle. You are not the first, you are not alone, and help is available IF YOU ASK.

Other posters will contribute their own suggestions, probably all of them good. So mine would be to buy a Cord Of St. Philomena, have it properly blessed, put it on, and say the prayer to St. Philomena daily.

(Side note: Although Philomena died at age 13, she gets annoyed if referred to as a “girl”. She is a “young woman”, thank you very much. Manners count, even with saints.)


Pray to God to transforms you into someone who would please Him. Go to confession and daily mass if possible. Doing these things help me with breaking away with my sinful habits. I am still struggling, but there is this peace surrounding me and it takes my mind off of things I know will displease God. So far, my bad habit has not shown itself and I am praying daily. May God help you as He has and continues to help me.


Every time you receive the Eucharist, specifically ask Jesus to heal you from this addiction. Thank Him for the chance to grow in holiness (because if you weren’t trying to do just that, you wouldn’t care about masturbation), and ask Him for the graces you need to keep fighting.


Anything in moderation?


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