An e-mail from a Jehovah Witness

I have been in an e-mail discussion with a Jehovah Witness about The Watch Tower Tract Society that teaches and believes it is God’s “channel of communication”, not in the sense of obeying God, but that it is “God’s Word”

" God is using The Watchtower for means of communication. ( 1939 YEARBOOK, p. 85

"The Watch Tower is set forth as ’ God’s Word,’ ( N. H. Knorr’s testimony in court)

My friend denies this fact, and claims that all religions change their view over time. He goes so far as to say that even the apostles changed their way of thinking over time.
My e-mail friend believes I may be an ex-Jehovah Witness, that should come back to the flock. I didn’t tell him I’m a Catholic, but I think he may surmise such.I had to drop 100 words from post.
Anyway here is his letter to me.

You’re very right. God is not an author of confusion. He has, however, throughout history, used very imperfect humans to commmunicate with humanity. The apostle Peter was imperfect and denied Jesus - however, he is the ONLY apostle mentioned who who followed him into the courtyard of the High Priest. The same with Jonah; although he was running from his assignment, when he recognized HIS error he was willing to sacrifice his life so that innocent people aboard the boat would not suffer - then finished the assignment he was given and tens of thousands of people were spared judgement and destruction.

Most people would not question that the apostles, who wrote much of the bible, were God’s channel of communication, would they? However, on several occaisions they were obliged to change their line of thinking in order to be in harmony with Jehovah’s purposes. It is very clear that the changes were necessary in order to unite the congregations in brotherly love and “agreement”, and to set matters straight when any ‘confusion’ arose, as was sure to happen when mixing such a large diversity of peoples and cultures. It worked, as it had God’s approval and backing. After the apostles died off, however, the foretold ‘apostacy’ set in and would remain until it was God’s time to once more to “gather things together”. That time has arrived.

The WT does not claim to be infalible - just as Jesus’ disciples, apostles and other followers never made such claims. They did not have a problem with understanding their God-given responsiblitily and fulfilling it to the best of their ‘imperfect’ abilities. Just as it was with the writing of the Bible, Jehovah has used imperfect, and very fallible humans to promote true worship of the only true God, Jehovah. Other religions claim the same thing, don’t they? The difference is that they promote, not the God of the Bible, but a pagan diety and pagan ideas - lies - and their “fruits” show it - Just as Jesus Christ said they would. Jehovah’s purpose, however, WILL be realized - no matter how he choses to fulfill it, or who tries to stop it by whatever means.

History has shown how he has fulfilled his purposes in the past and such accounts are written down in the Bible for OUR benefit today. The Bible also shows that Jehovah would continue to use imperfect, fallible humans to fullfill his puposes - some of them even being used to rule as Kings and Priest who very much understand what that ‘imperfection’ is like… What a wonderful provision, and what wisdom is displayed in these arrangements! (Jesus did not call the “faithful and descreet slave” the “faithful, infallible, descreet slave”, but did say they would be doing what he had told them to do ‘upon his arrival’.)

In the line of reasoning that you are using, who would you learn to trust more: people who CLAIM to be “called by God” who continue to teach and promote lies about the Bible and about God himself, or people who make the same claim, but who, through further study and clarity from the Bible, are willing to make corrections to their thinking AND actions in order to be more in harmony with their understanding of God’s purposes? Who do you think, scripturally, Jehovah WOULD use?

As far as speaking with Jehovah’s Witnesses: If you are disfellowshipped and are asking these questions because you want to know, then I would suggest that you contact the elders at a local Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses. There ARE answers. I left the organization several years ago to live a life that I thought I wanted and would bring me happiness. It wasn’t there and I am so glad that Jehovah has drawn me back to where I have found complete happiness and contentment and hope for the very near future.

Here is some apologetics on JWs. Hope it helps:

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A catch-22.

How does he know that what they are teaching him NOW will not change in the future?

First they celebrated CHristmas; now they can’t. organ transplant used to be wrong; now its OK.

What about all of the false prophecy?

The watchtower on one hand cliams to have the absolute truth and to be the only correct faith; then they are caught in error, they say:

"who, me; no way! We didn’t claim to speak for God!

Problem is, they do and did; its in their books.

The light of God doesn’t get brighter. It is on of off. Truth doesn’t keep getting truer. It is either true or false.

The facts speak for themselves; the watchtower is false.

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