An Eaglet is born!

Two proud Bald Eagles became parents! Another on the way.


I love these eagle cams. Except for the time Mama Eagle brought a whole cat home to give her younguns for lunch, on camera. Gotta keep your kitties indoors in eagle country.


Here’s a screenshot of the newborn.


Years ago I read a Kipling story about a large Indian bird of prey that captured a human baby for that purpose. Unfortunately I don’t remember the title of the story, nor the species of the bird.

That actually did happen in real life from time to time. I remember reading a true account of a small child in the mountains of Europe who was snatched out of the yard where it was playing and carried to an eagles’ nest. The men of the village ran after the eagle and one young guy managed to climb up to the nest and get the baby back.


Sounds like the thunderbird…

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mom is smiling at them!

It’s cold and windy there today. She’s keeping them warm.

Just watched that for almost an hour waiting for mom to get up so I could see the babies. She just did. They’re cute. But it’s so windy, she better stay sitting on them. I just saw what happened to the last one that hatched there in 2018, sad.

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It is in the wild and sad things happen. Pray these two make it! The proud parents are doing such a great job!

Momma is feeding her kids!


Baby eagles are doing well!!


The baby eagles continue to grow! What great parents they have!


They’re getting huge already. I always seem to have just missed them when I tune in.

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Feeding time for these growing eaglets!

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I have been watching this with my children, ever since you posted this link! We are seriously invested in this little family, lol. Thank you!

I wonder what names the eaglets will end up with?

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The foundation is having a vote for the names:
Here are the selections - Jules - Romy, Aurora-Asher, Legacy-Legend, Leia - Luke, Destiny - Legacy

Oh wow! Thank you letting me know! I’m assuming (probably incorrectly, lol) that they do not know the gender of the babies?

I can’t imagine how they would know. But I’m no expert.

These eaglets are growing so fast!

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