An Easy Means to Prevent Numerous Mortal Sins

I don’t know if this in the right section but i hope everyone read this great article about how to prevent numerous mortal sins from happening and start doing this easy practice !

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This is a great way to prevent many many mortal sins and giving honor to God!

Thanks for posting this. I’m going to put it into practice.

Please when you check the link post something here so everyone can read and help with saving souls from committing mortal sins!

Well I agree that sin is much greater than we can imagine, and I agree we should frequently pray for the conversion of sinners to God, but I gotta tell ya, that story about the Egyptian flutist is a big stretch for me.

Well to be honest when i first read the story of the egyptian i was suprised but i think what we should look at is the message that we should pray for others and for ourselves not to fall into sins as well as mortal sins … and if mortal sins offend God the most then it is true that when you prevent it from happening you gain immeasurable merits ( sounds Logic to me ).

In case the linked page ever becomes inaccessible:

The practice in question is asking the Blessed Virgin Mary to offer the Precious Blood of Jesus to God the Father with the intention of preventing one mortal sin that day or night. A short prayer is given to this end. The recommended practice is to pray it morning and evening, and one may add a Hail Mary after it.

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Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:


after reading the article, i clicked on the home page and looking around a bit, i got the sense that this website has a problem with the Catholic Church. i am in rcia and just starting to learn about the Church. this is confusing for me, can anyone explain to me what the ‘traditional church’ means? thank you!

“traditional church” means the church more or less as it was before Vatican II. Especially with regard to the Mass and other sacraments.

The Mass and other sacraments are still the same in regard to their essentials, but different in regard to the way they are carried out. For example, the Mass is not in Latin, the altar is removed from the back wall, the altar rail removed, people receive the Eucharist under both Body and Blood of Jesus, etc…

May God bless and keep you. May God’s face shine on you. May God be kind to you and give you peace.

thank you fred, i have a general understanding of vatican II. is this a split with rome?

Yes, i didn’t notice that until yesterday too. But the prayers and many of the articles aren’t wrong or against the teachings of the church at least what i read so far …And the problem is with the mass only i guess…

No it is not a split but simply the church moving on to adjust to changes of the times. One way of performing the sacraments is no better than another way in itself. But people being what they are, it is hard for people to accept changes. So some prefer the old to the new which is now in effect for the most part.

When we mention split, we think of some who have started on their own to form a group which are going to do it their way and not follow catholic church’s way. There is one splinter group that has in a fashion done this but as yet has not split, and both sides are in negotiations to settle the differences.

The website itself is operated by some rather questionable people. But a lot of what they upload they have not written themselves. This sort essay on the devotion of offering the Most Precious Blood through Our Blessed Lady to prevent one mortal sin morning and night is lifted word from word from Father Faber (and is not even complete sadly, the whole piece is beautiful). The majority of what they post is completely in accordance with Catholic teaching and is simply the writings of yesteryear.

You have spoken of the Church “moving on”. This implies some fault with the Church or that something has fundamentally changed. We know this is not true. A new approach is being tried in presenting the faith to the world but doctrine and dogma have not changed one iota and the Council reaffirms the doctrine and dogmas of the eternal Church.

One way of performing the sacraments is no better than another way in itself.

That is not true. Say a priest celebrated Mass and decided that we didn’t really need the Liturgy of the Word since it just distracts people, so instead he decides to give a talk on how the Council of Trent was wrong about the Real Presence, and then invited some old people from the pews up to “concelebrate” with him in an extraordinarily butchered Eucharistic Prayer II? Would that in itself be an equal and good celebration of the Sacrament of the Eucharist and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?

But people being what they are, it is hard for people to accept changes. So some prefer the old to the new which is now in effect for the most part.

Please do not insinuate that those of us that choose to worship at the Extraordinary Form of the Mass are somehow “stubborn”, nostalgic, or unable to conform ourselves to change. I am twenty-two years old. I grew up in the Ordinary Form. Today I choose to worship at the Extraordinary Form. Not for any of the reasons you insinuate.

Yours in Jesus and Mary,

thank you everyone. i think we covered a small bit of this in our class on ecuminism. but it is way over my head, and i should probably avoid controversy for the time being. i will run the prayer and Father Faber, by my priest to make sure i am doing the right thing before beginning. thanks again!

I totally agree and i wouldn’t give a link that contradicts the teachings of the church. And we all know how important is to offer the Precious Blood of Jesus through our Virgin Mary for many intentions so it isn’t something non catholic teaching but i thought some people didn’t know that they can offer It to prevent mortal sins from happening too.

It is one of the practises highly recommended by Father Faber in his work All for Jesus (which was a favourite book of Good Pope John who kept it on his night stand and read from it every evening). He gives a fuller treatment of the devotion in that book which I highly recommend to all.

Yours in Jesus and Mary,

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