An Enabler

I am trying to draw a parallel between psychology and religion. In psychology, the concept of an “enabler” exists in one type of dysfunctional relationship. Look here and use the negative context described at for a definition.

For instance, in alcoholism the enabler may be the closest person to the alcoholic, enabling the alcoholic to justify their behavior and drink even more. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Al-Anon have these relationships all worked out. (No – I am not an alcoholic, though I will drink on occasion. This is just an example.)

What would be the corresponding role in religion do you suppose? I mean, someone who might not otherwise be religiously devout is enabled to be so by another’s involvement. :hmmm:

Are you going on the assumption that religious faith is somehow disfunctional?

:confused: No. It is true, I implied a dependency. And, a negative one at that. But I was not trying to equate dysfunction with faith.

I was thinking along the lines of proselytizing. But, that word seemed too harsh. :shrug:

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