An Epic Song To Ring In 2012

In the spirit of Mayan 2012 end of the world prediction, here’s an epic song to ring in the new year! Happy New Year, all!

Doomsday by Globus, a consumer division of Immediate Music. I love the folks at IM.

Oh, I adore Globus! I love “One Truth.”

Check out “Two Steps from Hell” (Undying Love, Archangel, Army of Justice, etc.) as well. You may like :slight_smile: Silly name, but gorgeous music.

Two Steps from Hell is a treasure trove. By the way check out Thomas Bergersen’s Illusions album and E.S. Posthumus–the musical manifestations of awesome.

LOL, we seem to be on the same page… I have Posthumus’s “Arise” in my playlst already :wink:

Illusions is new to me though… Thank you! Amazon thanks you too lol (just purchased it). Aural deliciousness…

I’ll also throw in:
John Murphy (Sunshine - interesting spiritual end of world questions in movie too)
Nick Ingman & Terry Devine-King (Heavy Rain) - Mars
Hans Zimmer (503 or Chevaliers de Sangreal)

At least the end of the world can have a great soundtrack :wink:

I also like Two Steps From Hell and Es Posthumus. Sadly, Franz Vonlichten, one of the founding brothers of Es Posthumus, passed away and the group is now disbanded. Like Immediate Music, Two Steps From Hell also releases some of their music to the public.

I feel obligated to show you Les Friction, a band that the other brother help found. Even though they use vernacular lyrics, the music is nothing but incredible.

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