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I was on an Evangelical church’s website, and this was posted there:

We believe that in His death, Jesus bore our sins, sicknesses and diseases in His body on the cross. Divine healing is part of the atonement and the privilege of all believers by faith. (1 Peter 2:24; Matt 8:17; Isa 53:3-6; James 5:13-16)

Is this a prosperity-type of teaching?

My son who was raised Catholic and married to a wonderful Evangelical wife is now attending her church so that they can be more “united in faith as a family.” I try not to argue with him, and just pray that he will come back and his wife will come into the Catholic faith. What else can I do?




Ultimately, yes. It does not appear this church teaches the “wealth” gospel but certainly is hitting on the Health part of a “health and wealth” gospel.

This Church will tend to judge those who get physically ill. They will think that they just don’t have enough faith to be healed or even possibly are not a true believer.

But you said you pulled this from AN Evangelical website. Was it their churches website? Evangelical churches can vary greatly from church to church.


The church they belong to said they were joining another church in a different location. So I googled the new church. And this came up in a 12-point list of beliefs. I guess I should also say that the pastor of the church they are going to is also my daughter-in-law’s father. I keep him in my prayers all the time too.


Now there’s something else you never see at a Catholic church:p


Please don’t be too quick to assume that the church in question is teaching the “All believers must be healed or else they are demonstrating a lack of faith” doctrine.

The Christian and Missionary Alliance is an evangelical denomination that teaches a Four Fold Gospel: Christ The Savior, The Sanctifer, The Healer, and The Coming King.

The C&MA recognizes that Christ may choose to heal either through medical science, through a divine miracle, or…through the “ultimate healing”–dying and going to heaven.

Lots of evangelical churches also teach this.

I’m pretty certain that we Catholics also teach this. We pray: “Thy will be done” for our ill loved ones, and trust that the Lord will either allow the doctors to heal them, or that He Himself will miraculously heal, or…that He will allow our loved one a peaceful death and eventual entrance into heaven, where there is no more sickness.

So it may not be “health and wealth” at all, hopefully.

I googled the portion of the statement of faith that you posted and found a church that uses this statement word for word. It was a Christian church, which is a non-denominational church. If this is the case with your dear ones, be on the watch. Many Christian churches teach an orthodox evangelical doctrine. But because there is no denomination, an unscrupulous pastor is free to establish his own beliefs, which may or may not be Biblical or Christian at all. There are several incidences of Christian churches that became cults, most notoriously, the Jim Jones cult. Please watch and pray.


I dont think that they are necessarily going to judge those who dont heal. It can also be a response to the JW issue of healings etc. Basically they can be and I think likely are saying that healing can be part of Gods will. Generally it will also be said that a doctor healing can be as well.


Good points both of you. It is hard to say whether or not THIS particular church takes it to the extreme or not based on that statement alone.


From a protestant perspective, be a wonderful mother in law, dont let those stereotypes of catholics in and avoid comparisions. Then your daughter in law will see Catholics are just a loving and full of faith as the church she is used to. Really, even though you believe it, dont start on the we are the one and only church deal especially if they are trying to be unified.

Then what you should do is invite them to special events at your church. And if the kids are in a play or something special then go and support each other in Christ.

Unity of faith and family will allow her to be comfortable with the catholic church. Then God will let them know where they should be. And if they never change, at least they wont be afriad or jaded to go to the Catholic church at least sometimes. Too many people make the whole thing a win or lose situation. It shouldnt be.


AMEN!!!:thumbsup: :smiley:


Please explain the JW “issue” of healings for me.

What is their “issue”?


And the assurance this doctrine will stay the same for how long? And how can a change be made?


Until a charismatic preacher makes an airtight case against it, and in favour of some other interpretation of those particular verses. :smiley:


Makes for a sound nights sleep.:eek:


Well blood transfusions are a complete no no. They take Leviticus about not eating blood seriously.

a good friend his grandma died because she wouldnt accept blood and it made his entire family mad at God. Yea the JW’s but mainly God. It took quite a few yrs and conversations with quite a few people. Until one day he finally understood who God really was. He now believes with all his heart. He realises God didnt kill his grandma. however his family still wont see it.

I dont know thats a nutshell for you. Does that help? Thats why I said that churches like to lay out what they believe regarding these things.

ps I cant see this changing actually, because its pretty basic issue.



Yes, Kitty this helps and I know this.

I thought you were implying they suddenly embraced a health gospel.

Thanks for clearing that up.

I know you are a straight shooter.


Thank you especially to Maria G and Kitty Chan for your helpful advice and kind words—

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