"An Evening Conversation on Jesus and Paul" (James Dunn, N.T. Wright)


This is basically a thirty-six page transcript of a two-part dialogue recorded in 2004 between James D.G. (Jimmy) Dunn and N.T. (Tom) Wright, two prominent New Testament scholars. As the title states, they touch on the topic of Jesus - or more specifically, the so-called 'third quest' for the historical Jesus - and Paul - or rather, the 'new perspective' on Paul. There's also an audio recording of the dialogue available.

-]I think/-] I've said this before, but I actually find the New Perspective on Paul to be a very intriguing movement within Protestant NT academia (note however that the 'new perspective' is by no means limited to it), since it seeks to interpret the writings of St. Paul in a 'new' light, sharply contrasting with the 'old perspective' of the antithesis between Law and Gospel exemplified by certain sectors of traditional Protestantism (specifically, Lutheranism).


sounds intriguing, thank you!



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