An exorcist talks about exorcism, the occult in abortion and Harry Potter, and spiritual warfare for them and us all


I did read that Fr. Amorth said it’s ok to dress up in witch and devil costumes on Halloween, if just for fun (and not in fascinated interest in them)–my edit by inference, though it’s all paraphrased. I saw it in Wikipedia for “Halloween”. Does anyone know if that might have been take out of context? I don’t know the faith of the writer. Witches are divided on the look of classic pop-culture portrayal of witches, it said, but nothing was said of Satanists’ opinions about Satan’s portrayal. Anyway, this is very much worth reading as are the talks about Mary as well as the one specifically about her rosary. All are extremely worth your time, though!


If you think that Satan has horns and wears red tights, you’re more likely to be fooled by him.


I personally would not want my little one dressing up as the devil. A ghost, zombie, alien, frankenstien, or vampire (pushing it a little, but still fictional) wouldn’t be so bad.

Fr. Amorth says that b/c im sure if you’ve dealt with the real deal, a kid dressing up in a costume has pretty much no relation. However, still, the devil is a serious issue and I would not want my kid pretending to be him even if its “harmless”.

In fact, I think halloween can be totally redeemed, look up what a “macabre” was in the middle ages and it’s all about facing the facts and living in a way that matters- being square with God and each other.


There is the Mexican’s related holiday with the skeletons.


You’re talking about the Day of the Dead that is celebrated in Mexico on the feast of **All Souls Day **in the Catholic Church.


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