An Exorcist Tells His Story
Everyone should get this book and READ it.
You don’t have to believe in satan, because he believes in you… :cool:

I agree. I love this book. Scary, a bit, but enlightening.

I just started reading Malachi Martin’s “Hostage To The Devil” and it’s downright frightening.

I am reading this now, and I would hate to be a exorcist.

Padre, don’t know if that’s the thing for me. Don’t want to find out any more about “the ole boy” then I have too.

What a coincedence this is. Tonight I’m going to watch The Exorcist for the very first time.

Would caution anyone that feels this is entertaining. Don’t think that is the intent of the op at all, but to inform the uninformed. Some things, for some people, need to be left in the past.

i love the last part

“we keep in mind that hell is more a state of mind than a place. Place and time are different concepts for spirits.”

I also highly recommend this book. :thumbsup:

Koool!! :smiley: I’m definently putting this on my list. :thumbsup:

He wrote a sequel to this book as well.

I believed I have a read a review of this book done on “This Rock” by an apologists, what makes it interesting is that it was not given a good review…then again I might be mistaken…but I am absolutely sure it was this book…:shrug:

Would recommend:

Seamus, I was 17 yrs old when I that movie came out. I stood in line on a Saturday morning for tickets for the evening’s showing. As the kids say “OMG!” :eek: … it scared the heck outta me! I slept w/ my Mom or on the floor by her side of the bed for weeks! Peace, -K

I agree! This book can help bring anybody down to earth who thinks the devil doesn’t play a role in your life - every day he’s got a new and more pathetic scheme to drive us away from God. Father Amorth is not afraid to be truly Catholic, like many of our bishops are regarding exorcisms.

Cradle Catholic

                                  I thought it was a pretty good movie, disappointing in some areas, excellent in others. What I liked best was that it showed, when it comes to demonic posession, doctors and psychiatrists are utterly useless. You need a priest.

Fr. Amorth has a particular diffcult job, no doubt, but some of his looseness in talk about the enemy disturbs me and others. His direct “talking to the enemy in latin” outside the ritual seems odd. He joked that the enemy said his Latin is terrible. Something off about this.

I’m currently looking for a copy of this book.

Fr. Fortea has his own website.

I highly recommend the Alliance of the Holy Family International’s deliverance ministry videos on Youtube. Father Arellano has a lot of good information to share…

Edit: Here’s the AHFI website:

I think that some of it is that one has to have a little humor when dealing with something so big and important. I think that Father Amorth was joking, and his humor helps him cope.

I have read that book and a lot of other books on exorcist events. I have learned a lot.
But I have chosen not to get too envolved in reading about evil demons because you can invite them into your home if you show a lot of interest in the devil.

Like someone here said…“They know who you are”. I have personally seen demons attack a friend of mine right in front of my face. They didn’t touch me because I am in God’s grace and they know that I don’t get envolved in doing exorcisms.

Demons like to attack stupid people who think they can do exorcisms. It’s in the Bible too.

My advise is if you are having a problem with demons then it is okay to read as much as you can so you can learn to protect yourself from demons. There are prayers to get rid of demons from your life.

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