An explosive New York Post story that's sending Trumpworld into a frenzy is riddled with holes and red flags

ahh now the truth is really coming about about this “Story”.

  • Trumpworld flew into a frenzy on Wednesday after the New York Post published a report purporting to show a “smoking-gun email” featuring Hunter Biden communicating with a Ukrainian official about meeting with his father, Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential nominee.
  • The Post’s story had several red flags and holes that raise questions about its authenticity. The most glaring questions are whether the emails described in the story are legitimate, how they were uncovered, and how the Post obtained them.
  • The Post’s report said that an unidentified computer-repair-shop owner discovered the emails and other compromising material about Hunter Biden after an unidentified person dropped off a water-damaged laptop last year to be repaired but never picked it up.
  • The repair shop owner was later identified as John Paul Mac Isaac, an avid Trump supporter who told several reporters who tracked him down that Trump’s impeachment was a “sham.” Isaac also did not have a clear grasp on the timeline of events that he initially described to the Post.
  • The Post said it learned of the emails’ existence last month through Steve Bannon, the former White House chief strategist, and obtained them through Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer.
  • Both men have routinely pushed conspiracy theories about the Biden campaign’s ties to Ukraine, and Giuliani met last year with a Ukrainian official who was sanctioned in September and accused of acting as a Russian agent.
  • In all, one expert said, the way the story was published appears to showcase “a standard tactic in disinformation operations.”

Rid added that the emails featured in the Post’s story were published as images rather than in a file format, which “makes it harder to analyze and verify the files.”

“Note that photos, which appear to look genuine, could be there simply to add credibility to forged emails surfaced along with the photos. This would be a standard tactic in disinformation operations,” he wrote.

“Bottom line: every individual little fact—every email, every detail mentioned in an email—must be verified when data is surfaced in such a suspicious way, not just one piece of information, say a photo. It appears that The New York Post did not do that here.”

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